Thursday Things I Love: Bubble Baths, Flowers, and Baby Girls

My boys have been in rare form this week. Lots of tantrums. Lots of meltdowns. Lots of me pulling my hair out and wondering how the heck I’m supposed to get these monkeys to listen to me. A fellow blogger posted something this week that basically said, “These are the hardest days of your life (the baby-toddler years). It’s ok to say no (to outside expectations). It’s ok to feel like this season is tough.”

Boy did that make me cry – but in a good way! It was just nice to have that affirmation that I’m not crazy/weak/doing a bad job; this season really is hard. So to all you mommas out there in the trenches of wild toddlers who won’t listen and babies who are keeping you up at night – You are doing a good job even if it feels like everything is falling apart! Even if things actually fall apart! This season is incredibly challenging, so remember, it’s not you, it’s them! hahahaha

Anyways. Here’s the lineup of things I loved from this past week:

This amazing gift – My hubby started a little side business that allows him to spend some much needed, stress relieving time in his shop, doing something he loves – wood working. He’s made all kinds of beautiful things so far, but to date, this bath tray that he made just for me, is definitely my favorite. I didn’t leave the tub for TWO HOURS the first night I used it. I felt like a queen, surrounded by my book, glass of wine, several candles, and laptop. I read. I sipped. I watched a movie. I even got a little blogging done. I might have even dozed off. GLORIOUS.

(Mike’s bath trays are for sale, should you be interested in experiencing a similar state of bliss. Contact me for more information.)IMG_9679

This quiet evening – My sister in law helped us out with some babysitting about a week ago, and to repay her, I offered to come to their house and cook her and my brother dinner. She agreed, but then invited us to also join them. It was so much fun, cooking them a simple dinner of pasta, salad, and bread, and then spending the remainder of the evening sitting around and talking. I love these people so much. I love their cozy little home. I love how much they love each other. I love how much they love my kids. IMG_9762

This sweet little outfit – Fun fact: Most of my extended family is in the south, namely, Florida and Alabama. I love, Alabama. We used to go there to spend Easter with family and I have the best memories of that state; the weather, the mountains, the greens! Yum. My lovely cousin sent me a darling outfit for Bea, monogrammed and everything. She is well on her way to becoming a southern bell!IMG_9695

These flowers – This year, I want to keep fresh flowers in my home. If I see them, I’m going to buy them. They add so much color, cheer, and life to a room. You can buy beautiful bouquets at Aldi for less than $5. That is a very small price to pay for something that makes me smile every time I see it. IMG_9759

This breakfast – Mike makes me breakfast most weekends. It is kind of the highlight of my life right now. Have I mentioned these breakfasts before? I’m sure I have. I’m sorry to repeat myself, but seriously guys, SO GOOD. (I guess my love language is food.)IMG_9766

These baby pictures – For reasons that are part of a story that I do not wish to share, I have never seen Mike’s baby pictures. Ever. I’ve never seen him as a baby, a toddler, or a school age child. But then…we unexpectedly were able to get our hands on a few and I have to say, it was rather emotional for me. It was incredibly special to see my husband as a child, and to see each of my children in him. It was nothing short of a gift.IMG_9789

This gift that’s paid off BIG TIME – And speaking of gifts…A few years ago I bought Mike an ice cream maker for Christmas. Now, it’s kinda his “thing” to make ice cream (and breakfast, hallelujah). I was in the mood for good ole vanilla ice cream the other night and he was wonderful and made me a batch. Since then, I’ve been day-binging on New Girl and ice cream when the wild animals I call my children are down for a nap. Best gift I’ve ever given him, hands down. IMG_9754

This yoga baby – I can’t wait to get my girl on the mat with me. I’ll start doing some poses with her once I’m stronger and once she has a little more head control. Until then, I’ll keep her by my mat during my practice. It’s just the nicest thing in the world, having my girl next to me. IMG_9726

This moment in the tub – I had Bea in the tub with me the other night. As soon as I lowered her into the warm water, she relaxed her little body and starting shimming around.

“Do you remember?” I whispered?

She looked up at me with her little, half grin, and started splashing and kicking in a way that showed me she loved it. She was back in the water. Back where we began.

As I held onto her, I had the startling realization (not for the first time), that her hands are MY HAND, her ankles are MY ANKLES. I’ve never experienced this with the boys – looking down and seeing my body reflected in theirs.

I know that Beatrice is Beatrice. She is not me. I will endeavor to never try to push who I am onto her, because she has been made for her own special path; her own special purpose. But as a momma, I can’t help but go soft to see that who she is, includes a very little bit…of me. bea in the tub

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