Five Things

1) I was having a hard time backing up my iphone and decided to admit defeat and ask the google for help. I accidentally typed “how to get my phone back.” GOSH. You guys. Teenagers are adorable. Post after post of kids offering tips and tricks on how to get their parents to return their phone when they are taken away as a punishment. There was even a Wiki, “how to” page, complete with instructions.

2) Here is a great list of 20 Make Ahead Dinner Recipes. Yum.

3) I read this sweet article about a father’s clever trick for getting his son to read. It’s sweet. It’s inspiring. It will encourage you that there really is something to peak every child’s imagination/interest.

4) The other day, Oliver walked into my room while I was getting ready, shut the door, and then stood in the corner right behind said closed door. He held a finger to his mouth with one hand, saying “shush,” and motioned me to come over with his other. When I got to him, I bent down to his level to ask him what was going on. Before I could get a word out, he reached behind my head with both hands and pulled me in for a big, wet, sloppy kiss. I instantly started thinking how adorable he was. My next thought, however, was “Oh crap. I can see we are going to get some phone calls about THIS when he goes to school.” Hashtag, little Casanova. Hashtag, no kissing in the corner.

5) Ok, I read the coolest article the other day. Did you know that babies leave little, cellular parting gifts with their mommas? Seriously! Scientists discovered that moms carry pieces of their baby’s DNA years after they carry that child in their womb. Cooler still? This fact remains true for the babies you birthed, and the ones you carried but didn’t survive the pregnancy. That’s right. You don’t just carry their memory in you heart; you carry a piece of them in you...always.

This is incredibly powerful. And sweet. And downright amazing. And I don’t want to downplay this at all, but I kinda felt this before I knew this. With each pregnancy, each kid completely altered my taste preference for one food, permanently. With Theo it was cottage cheese. I couldn’t stand the stuff until I was pregnant with him and then, all of a sudden, boom. I’m suddenly a big fan.

Oliver left me with a passion for butter. No joke, I never ate butter until I was 29 years old and pregnant with baby O. Never. And now? I’m crazy about it! Can’t get enough. And Bea, oh sweet Bea. She turned me into a coconut lover. Again, it was something I really, really disliked until her pregnancy. Just this week I made myself some cookies with coconut!

Now, I know this seems like kinda a silly comparison, but go with me here. I mentioned yesterday that I think my love language is food. (duh). How cool is it then, that my babies have forever, irrevocably, left their little cellular footprint on me, and I can literally taste it?

They’ve changed my mind. They’ve changed my heart. Yes, they’ve changed my body. They’ve even changed my tastebuds.

And I’ll carry them with me – always.

I carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart. e.e. Cummings



7 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Aww, all of this is so super sweet! Number one was so precious & naughty, haha.

    & for #5: Thank goodness my daughter didn’t leave me with her distaste for coffee after she was born – during my pregnancy with her I couldn’t stand it. Once she was born coffee was my friend again, and Evie, at less than 2, is already my little barista/coffee lover ❤

  2. Oh and the article you linked to on #3… A real tear jerker. I think you need a warning. What an amazing dad.

    1. Stomperdad, I agree! Plus, it really speaks to the power of the written word. Sure, you don’t have to love everything, but there really is something for everyone. I liked that dad’s casual approach. He seemed to trust that sooner or later, his child would see something that interested him.

      1. That’s probably the most important part of his approach. He didn’t force it on it. He made sure the books were seen and knew that eventually he’d pick the right one. No one wants to read a book they HAVE to read.

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