What I Ate Last Week

live love to eat. LOVE. IT.

I was going through some old things the other night – some journals, scrapbooks, etc. – and was amazed to see how many of the memories I felt worthy of jotting down for all eternity where food related. Holiday meals described in great detail. Restaurant and cafe menus and napkins tucked in photo albums. And of course, lots and lots of pictures of me and my friends, you guessed it, eating.

Food is just SO great, you know? I love eating food. I love cooking food. I love gathering friends together for a meal that is 50% about the food and 50% about the community. The best way to feed a person’s soul is to first start by feeding their belly.


Last week I made some really great recipes that I thought would be fun to share. So, without further ado, I give you: What I Ate Last Week, Wednesday!

Blender Salsa

One of my all time favorite recipes is this one for blender salsa. It’s foolproof. I love that you can whip it up in less than 5 minutes and that it calls for very few fresh ingredients (you use canned tomatoes). I even use canned jalapeño slices for this recipe because it’s so much easier and I always have a jar in the fridge. A batch of this makes for a perfect, go-to snack to have on hand all week or, it makes for a great topping if your weekly menu contains burritos, enchiladas, or tacos. And speaking of….

Tator Tot NachosIMG_9812

One of our favorite, new ways to each nachos is to make them with tator tots! You really don’t need a recipe for this, just your imagination! I made these last week and my whole family loves them. In the picture above, I topped cooked tator tots with black beans, shredded red cabbage, green onions, crumbled Queso Fresco cheese, avocados, and then passed around the salsa and sour cream. Easy, yummy, and really not all that bad for you!

Vegan SausageIMG_9872

As a vegetarian, it can be easy to pay ridiculous amounts of money on veggie versions of meat. It is also easy to eat waaay to much sodium in the process. I prefer to make my own veggie sausages because it costs a fraction of the price to make them versus buy them, and I can control the ingredients so they end up being healthier. I love this recipe for Simple Italian Sausage from Post Punk Kitchen.

Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds

In an effort to have my breakfast pre-made and ready to go in the mornings, I made myself some Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds last week. One morning I threw in some blueberries, the next morning I added my homemade peach preserves. All in all, I enjoyed this easy and healthy breakfast (read this for more info on why chia seeds are good for you), however, the chia seeds do add a rather gelatinous texture to the oats, so I’m going to keep searching for a recipe that has more oats than chia seeds. The boys did NOT like this recipe, lol. Oh well.

Cherry Almond Poppyseed MuffinsIMG_9845

These muffins are just SO good. Great for breakfast, great for snacking. TRY THEM!

Wraps with Homemade Ranch DressingIMG_9838

I wanted to make the guys some chicken, ranch, and parmesan wraps for dinner, but couldn’t bring myself to purchase store bought ranch dressing. Every brand is so full of unidentifiable ingredients, half of which I’m sure are preservatives. Luckily, I found a delicious recipe for homemade ranch. I whipped it together in no time at all and, when I gave Theo a spoon full to try (without telling him what it was), his response was, “Yumm! Ranch!”

The recipe for Homemade Ranch Dressing came from the Pioneer Woman. To make the wraps, I tossed grilled chicken in the dressing (I used a can of butter beans for my wraps), and divided the mixture onto spinach wraps. I then topped them with shredded red cabbage, spring mix, and parmesan cheese. These were a HUGE hit in my family! Theo even requested them the next night which never happens.

Homemade pancakesIMG_9962

My husband is the pancake king. One night, we were both hungry and I jokingly (but not really) asked for pancakes. Mike, being the kinda guy that he is, headed to the kitchen to whip up a batch without a second’s hesitation. That night we spent the better part of 9:30 PM – 12 AM, eating pancakes, sipping coffee, and having some much needed heart to heart conversation. Food, it brings the people together, ladies and gentleman!

What are your favorite recipes? I loved to hear from you! Share a recipe or let me know if you tried one of mine by leaving me a comment below.







4 thoughts on “What I Ate Last Week

  1. Thanks for this post. I have been reading your blog and following you on Instagram for awhile now and I really enjoy your positivity and the camaraderie of being a fellow 3-kid-mama (it’s like being kindred spirits without having met haha – but maybe we will run into each other at Aldi sometime – yay bargain shopping!) 🙂 I especially enjoyed this post because I think you do a great job of achieving balance with food. So many blogs I read are only “healthy” food or only “baked goodies” but I really appreciate seeing the balance. I can already say I will be trying several of these recipes. At the risk of sounding cheesy, thanks for being you and for sharing your approach with us 🙂 PS one suggestion for a potential post if it is interesting to you would be sharing your grocery list for a week in addition to the meals you make – would be interested to see how it overlaps and works together and how much “other stuff” the kiddos eat – I have a hard time convincing my kids to try different stuff (especially if it looks healthy, haha!) so they end up eating more packaged stuff than I would prefer so I am always looking for a new approach. They do eat a good amount of fruits and veggies but I am always looking for nutritious muffin recipes that they might eat and easy, quick lunch/dinner ideas. Ps you are my hero for adding new content so regularly. So many blogs I follow are sooooo spaced out and I want to see more 🙂

    1. Wow, Jana, thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m completely encouraged by your feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying His Girl Friday so much! And I really appreciate your suggestion of a menu/meal planing post; what a great idea! I will certainly work on that for you :-). Thanks for reading, for commenting, and for your feedback. So nice to “meet” you, and hear from a fellow momma of three!

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