Thursday Things I Love: Puppies, Dates, and Baby Slippers

This Quote:

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

This Puppy

My brother and SIL bought a puppy! Josh invited me and the kids over to meet Bowie and I had so much fun watching Theo love on that little doggy. Theo loves dogs. He has this weird sixth sense about them, too. When Mike took Theo trick-or-treating this fall, Theo asked one lady (at a house he’d never been to) where her dog was. Mike said something along the lines of, “Why do you think she has a…?” before he could finish he was cut off by the appearance of – you guessed it – a dog. So weird.

Oliver does NOT like dogs. He screams. SCREAMS. So that is why he is pictured above on the couch. With a blanket. Whimpering. And, ironically, holding a doggy stuffed animal. (Kids. Sheesh.)

In the bottom left photo, Josh let Theo have the leash to take Bowie out before we left. Theo and Bowie started running and before long, the two of them were tangled together. There was lots of laughing and licking. I’m not sure who was more puppy-like: Theo or the actual puppy. 

This Date With My Man

Mike and I do a lot of dates at home. After the kids are in bed, we make a special meal/snack or open a bottle of wine and intentionally spend some time together. It’s always simple, but also incredibly effective at nurturing our relationship. The other night, we made a bag of frozen fries, opened a FANTASTIC bottle of Merlot (Pozzan), and enjoyed some quiet conversation. We ended the night by starting a new TV series on Netflix, Blue Bloods. Have you guys seen it? We are only five episodes in but we are hooked.

This Other DateIMG_0027

I took Oliver to Starbucks for a little one-on-one time. He got a cake pop and I got a dark roast coffee. He sat on my lap and dropped crumbs all over me, laughing and telling me things. I laughed along with him and enjoyed every single, sticky moment.

This DIY Face Mask

I made a new, DIY face mask this week and, after several uses, I’m thrilled with the results. You mix 1/2 tsp of honey, turmeric, and milk together and then “paint” it all over your face with a cotton ball. The mask helps smooth and brighten your skin and reduces dark circles under you eyes. Just make sure you get it ALL off when you are done, or you’ll end up with a yellowish tint to your skin. Next exactly the most attractive look ;-).

This New ProjectIMG_0040

So you know how I love me some Kombucha, right? Well the darn stuff is so stinkin expensive, so I was super excited when a friend’s mom offered to bring me a “scobi” to make my own. This concoction looks horrible, but I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna make my own Kombucha! hahahahaha No, but seriously. This looks so nasty. Oh well. The things we do to be healthy. Amiright?

This Little Valentine MakerIMG_0043

Theo signed all 20 of his valentines for his party at preschool next week. Each signature was different from the next, but I loved watching him sit there with such intense concentration, totally absorbed in his task. He is SO excited to hand these out. Bless his little heart. This kid takes me to the edge and back, let me tell you, but gosh I just love him. I love him so much. I love that he writes his name “O-E-H-T.” I love that he loves his friends. I love that he loves Valentines Day as much as I do.

This Little PhotographerIMG_0057


I got out my 35 mm SLR camera the other day to take a few photos of the kids. There is something so warm and familial about our bedroom with the white rod iron bed and the big windows that lets in the late morning sunshine. So I gathered up the kiddos, got them dressed, and sat them on the bed for some photos. After awhile, though, Theo wanted a turn, so he ran and grabbed his camera. I couldn’t get over the cuteness. Theo, so into it. Oliver, posing like a boss. And Bea, just being her adorable self in THAT DRESS. I can’t wait to get my pictures developed.

This BuffetIMG_0044

I’ve loved using the chest in our living room/dining room as a dinner buffet. I feel so classy. I feel like I’m a character right out of Downton Abbey. Plus, its just nice to not have all the food on our dinner table and yet still have it within an arm’s reach.

This Working LunchIMG_9985

I don’t typically eat with the kids because it’s just too chaotic/stressful/pointless. There is always something to fetch them, something to catch mid fall (or clean up post fall), and then we have to rush off to preschool. I relish my post preschool drop off, but pre-Theo pick up, lunches. Bea is usually snoozing soundly just around the corner, with Oliver playing one room over. In those quiet moments, I can throw together something that will fill my belly and fuel my spirit for the remainder of the day. I’ll usually multitask by working on some blog related item. Some days I’ll simply veg out to New Girl or The Office. Life has felt like so much work lately. I live for these quiet moments. These tasty lunches. And a few moments just for me.

These Baby SlippersIMG_0080

These are PINK FUZZY SLIPPERS FOR A BABY. A BABY, I tell you! Ugh. Just when I think the cuteness can’t get any more over the top. THESE happen.


She lifts my spirit. She really does. Her and her pink fuzzy, kitty-cat slippers.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: Puppies, Dates, and Baby Slippers

    1. Thank you, Whitney! I know using serving dishes creates more post-dinner clean up, but I think it adds such a nice touch to dinner. It makes me feel like dinner is something to be enjoyed, rather than something I hurried to get on the table. 🙂

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