Five Things

1. I’m just the worst at doing my hair. Seriously. The WORST. Someone please come over and help me figure out something to do with my hair other than throw it in a bun. hashtag, I’m not kidding. hastag, please help.

2. According to Vogue, 2016 is going to be the year of the headband. And as an official member of the Blair à la Gossip Girl fan club, I’m super psyched by this news. Say what you want about Miss Queen B, but that girl could rock a head band. I probably won’t be breaking out any headbands of my own, however. I buy them by the dozen but never know what to do with them (see #1). hashtag, hair envy. hastag, still serious about that hair help.

3. I’m a big fan of dips. If you read my “What I Ate Last Week” post, you saw that I made homemade ranch dressing to make some parmesan chicken ranch wraps. Well, this week I made dinner and realized I didn’t have any veggies on the menu so…I whipped up another batch of the ranch dressing, sliced some veggies, and put them out on the table. As a bonus, dinner wasn’t quite ready, so I called the kids to the table anyway, knowing that they were bound to eat a few veggies since nothing else was ready yet – and they did! I found this list of party dips and I can’t wait to try them, especially the avocado hummus. The author of this list described the dip this way: “if guacamole and hummus had a love child.” Umm. Yes please! (There are tons of other delicious sounding dips on this list as well!)

4. I was doing yoga the other day while Oliver was playing beside me. Every now and then he would walk over to my mat, pat me on the head, and say, “Good job mommy.” Is it silly to admit that I seriously needed those little pep talks, and that I was genuinely encouraged by my little guy? I’m going to go with, no. That is 100% who Oliver is, and I’m going to totally take all the words of encouragement I can get. hashtag, where did my abs go?

5. I read this quote the other day: Connection doesn’t exist without giving and receiving. We need to give and we need to need.

Gosh. I really needed to hear that. Like, so bad. My hubby and I believe we were put on this earth to give. To give love, to give encouragement, to give tangibly to meet others’ needs. But truth be told, we are in a season of need. We are tired. We feel a little in over our heads. And some days feel simply like survival.

I really needed to hear this message. I needed to be reminded that in order to connect with others, it’s an ebb and flow of being the needer, and the need-meeter. We all experience both, and we all need to be vulnerable about both in order to enter into real, meaningful relationships with other people. No one wants to always feel like the needy one in relationships, nor do we want to always feel like we are the need-meeter without any reciprocity. But when we find a balance of both – that’s where truth and realness meet. That’s where friendship is formed and bonds forged.

So let’s be real this weekend. Be real about where you are at, with people you can trust to handle and respect your truth. If you need something, be real about that. If you see a need you can meet, reach out.

Let’s connect. For realz.

See ya on Monday, you rad readers, you!


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