A Third Floor Billiards Room: A Room Tour

One of my favorite kind of blog post to write is a room tour. So far, I’ve done a room tour of our combined living room and dining room; our family room; our kitchen; the boys’ room; and I’ve given you a glimpse of our bedroom. Since I’m almost out of rooms of my own to share with you, I’m starting a new series of room tours where I’ll feature rooms from my friends’ amazingly cool houses. Some of these rooms are impeccable styled. Some have a cool story to tell. Some have a little of both!

Today, I’m excited to kick off this new series of room tours by introducing you to two of my favorite people ever – the Poolers. Jimmy and Julie are about to become the proud mommy and daddy to two new Pooler babies, and I couldn’t be more excited that this sweet little family is about to double.

The Poolers own an incredible historical home in Wooster, Ohio, and I am so honored that they allowed me to share a glimpse of their fantastic third floor billiards room.IMG_8275

The Pooler’s home was built by a Presbyterian minister and his wife in the early 20th century, around 1915-1917. Amazingly, the Poolers,  are only the third or fourth owners! The property originally looked out onto fields and orchards, but over time, more and more houses were built on the surrounding land.

The third floor was originally an attic, although it was common for homes of this era to use their third floor as a billiards room. The Poolers had always wanted a pool table and decided that turning their third floor into a billiards room would be a fun and historically accurate way to use the space.


One of the first things you notice about the Pooler’s third floor (and truly, the rest of the house as well), are their beautiful wood floors. The floors are original to the house and were restored by the couple shortly after they moved in. The staircase leading up to the billiard room is exceptionally wide, which allowed them to bring up a pool table without too much difficulty.


The stairwell is filled with historic photos of Wooster. The photo on the top right is of the historic Wayne County Court House, which just underwent major restoration. The bottom right is of the Wayne County Fairgrounds Grand Stand, which is still used today!


Present residents of Wooster will recognize this photo of the William Annat Company as the current site of the Everything Rubbermaid Store.


The Poolers bought their table from a local antiques dealer. The pool table was built by the B.A. Stevens Company, formerly out of Toledo, Ohio. The company originally manufactured saloon equipment. During prohibition, however, they started making pool tables to supplement the decline in bar equipment sales. They didn’t produce these tables for long, however, which makes the pool table in the couple’s billiards room relatively rare.

The table is extra long and is one solid piece of wood with three individuals pieces of slate. The pockets are made out of leather and are absolutely beautiful. The couple purchased the light fixture that hangs over the table from an antique lighting store in Cleveland.


The couple built benches all along the perimeter of the room to cover up the attic’s duct work and add seating. They installed the paneling which opens up for additional storage. All the the pillows and curtains in the room were made by Julie.

Julie wanted the billiards room to have a homey and eclectic feel, so she chose photos that related to places the couple has lived or traveled. There are photographs from Marion, Ohio where Julie grew up; Toledo, Ohio where the couple attended college together; and Detroit, Michigan where the couple first lived. Many of the photographs show the cities’ industry, reflecting Jimmy and Julie’s background as engineers.

The above photos are from the Isle of Man, where the couple spent some time during their European honeymoon. The Isle of Man is known for their vintage motorcycle races, which is of particular interest to Jimmy, as he himself owns and races vintage motorcycles. Below is Guthrie Castle in Scotland, where the couple has ancestral ties, and was another site they visited on their honeymoon. IMG_9894IMG_9914IMG_9910

The Poolers, with dogs Britt and Casey.



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