Five Things

1. Do you have plans this Valentines Day? A big date night? Maybe keeping things simple and staying in? We are doing a combination of the two; I have a special dinner planned for Mike and I to enjoy sans the kiddos, and then we are heading out for the evening to hear a musician friend of ours perform. This article has some great makeup tips to help you put your V-Day look over the top. I particularly like the first suggestion of going with major brows and pale pink shades everywhere else.

2. I’ve been doing yoga again for a few weeks now and I’m so grateful to have my practice back. Yoga is truly my happy place. This year, I have a few yoga goals. I’m going to work on deepening my backbend in King Dancer, and I want to get away from the wall for headstands/forearm stands. I found a good sequence to practice to help strengthen the muscles necessary for these inversions. Who wants to give it a try with me!? You can find the sequence here.

3. This list of decorating tips from Vogue was really interesting and helpful. Did you know you’re supposed to hang your curtains close to the ceiling to make your ceilings look as high as possible? I didn’t! No wonder my curtains are always “too long.” Geesh!

4. So this list reveals 10 new fashion essentials every woman should own. I’m totally on board with the tuxedo style blazer and the Breton striped tops (I have a million striped tops. I love em.). But culottes. CULOTTES??? You have GOT to be kidding me. Just looking at those crazy things gives me the heebie-jeebies. *cue shiver down the spine*

5. I got to spend some time with a fellow boy mom/trail blazer/rule breaker this week and it was probably one of the most refreshing conversations I’ve had in months. It put into sharp contrast all the stupidity that one hears from others about their own life. All the opinons. All the unsolicited advice. All the comments. That don’t. mean. jack. What I’m saying, is – people are great. I love people. I live to love on people. But it takes a special kind of person to just make me feel known and understood. It’s so special to find people who speak your own language. Who just get you and your life. Who get your struggles and get your personality and don’t make you have to explain everything just for them to still not fully understand. I’m talking about finding your fellow tribe members. This week was kinda tough with the kids, but really spectacular with the women whom I’m fortunate enough to call my friends. I’m so grateful for the strong women in my life. They make me laugh, they challenge my thinking, they pick me up when I’m feeling down. What is it the Beatles said? I get by with a little help from my friends….

Happy Friday, all you honey bunnies. See ya on Monday.



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