A Light-Filled Historic Home: A Room Tour

Special education teacher Alison Sprunger lives with her husband, Clint, and their dog Griffin in a lovely 1930’s home in Wooster, Ohio. Their home is full of historic charm and one of a kind pieces that they’ve carefully chosen to remain true to the house, and to make their home as friendly and inviting as possible. Take a sneak peak at one of the couple’s favorite rooms in their home.


When the Sprungers first toured the house that they would eventually buy a little over two years ago, they were struck by all the natural light and the original details.

“We came in the spring when it was raining and we almost didn’t need to turn on a light,” Alison remembers. “We loved all the natural light coming in through the doors and windows.”IMG_0162IMG_0159IMG_0135IMG_0158

Another feature the couple noticed right away was the home’s original details.

“Every room kept surprising us. Even though the house wasn’t that pretty (previous owners carpeted some of the floors and had hung wallpaper that the couple didn’t care for), the house still had a lot of details that felt very original.”

The home boasts design features like original doorknobs, a leaded window, and gorgeous wood floors. IMG_0144IMG_0139IMG_0142IMG_0141

One of the home’s more unusual features – but Alison’s favorite – is the unique way mail is delivered. The dining room’s adjoining sun room contains a cabinet with a hidden compartment, with a mail slot!

As I sat down with Alison, I noticed a lot of her decor was both beautiful and functional, so I asked about her design philosophy.

“When I decorate, I always ask myself, ‘What can I do that’s authentic?’ But it has to have a purpose too, I don’t like clutter. When I’m thinking about decorating, it has to make sense. We want our space to be inviting so others walk in and feel at home. But it also has to be simple and timeless enough that it fits with the house.”IMG_0132

I asked Alison about some of her favorite items in the room. She pointed out several pieces that were either passed down to the couple from family, or things that they bought because the couple found them interesting.

This picnic basket belonged to Clint’s great grandpa, whom he was named after.IMG_0149

The couple’s dining room table was bought at a local antique store, and they found the chairs on Craigslist. Alison noted that these chairs, circa 1951, are not only handmade, but are put together without any nails or screws. The only metal on the chairs are two little decorative rivets on the top of the seat. IMG_0155

This watercolor was a gift from Alison’s dad. Alison describes the scene as depicting her “perfect day.” IMG_0134

The jelly cabinet came from Clint’s mom, and the couple uses it for additional storage. Someday, Alison hopes to store her antique china in the cabinet.


The couple’s desire that their home be welcoming and comfortable to their friends and family was the reason why Alison chose her dining room to showcase for this room tour. Clint and Alison believe a home is meant to be shared, and have designed a space that makes people feel welcome.IMG_9516IMG_9512IMG_9510

It should be noted that Clint is a talented chef. Mike and I count ourselves lucky to be amongst the friends welcomed into the Sprunger home, enjoying their food, their cozy home, and their generous spirits. To step inside their home is to catch a glimpse into their hearts, which are as beautiful as the space they fill.


3 thoughts on “A Light-Filled Historic Home: A Room Tour

  1. Loved this tour! I love old homes and I’m always glad to see one that’s being cared for properly. So many of those older homes (at least where I live) end up being trashed or even deserted. Their decorating style is perfect – love all the antique pieces. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Whitney! Every room in their home is as beautiful as the one featured, which I agree, is so nice to see! A lot of older homes in our area are turned into rentals because they are simply so large. That always makes me a little sad too, as it seems to diminish their character. I love how the Sprungers maintian the historic charm of their home!

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