Five Things


1. I did a post awhile back about what I packed in my hospital bag to have baby Bea. I read this article the other day about what women from around the world take in their bags. This article highlights just how good we have it in America. Seriously. Some women take plastic bags with them to cover the delivery table, because the hospitals don’t have access to water to clean them in between births. Some women take their own food and cookware to cook their own meals during their stay. We are incredibly blessed. It really made me realize how much we’ve come to expect. I made me realize how much we demand to be served. It made me realize how I might think I’m tough, but I’ve got nothin on these gals. 

2. Oliver has this new thing where he says I love you ____ to everyone in the room. It is so incredibly sweet and adorable. The other night, we were in the van and he started making the rounds. But this time, he had HICCUPS. Just when I think this kid can’t get any cuter…It went something like this:

Oliver: I love you *hiccup* daddy. Daddy: I love you Oliver.
Oliver: I love you *hiccup* mommy. Me: I love you Oliver.
Oliver: I love you *hiccup* baby seester. Me: She loves you, Oliver.
Oliver: I love you *hiccup* T-O dore. Theo: I love you Oliver.
Me: dying with laughter

3. I got to help at Theo’s preschool Valentine’s Day party this week. I helped the kids “mail” their valentines to each other in their little shoe boxes all decorated with hearts and glitter. As I was helping one cutie with her cards, I looked across the room and saw Theo playing dress up with one of his buddies. He was wearing a doctor’s uniform and giving this kid what appeared to be a very aggressive thorough check up.

I felt so proud of him in that moment. I know it wasn’t anything special, but I thought “I made that person.” There is nothing like seeing your children out in the world to put life into perspective. My focus can be so narrow when it is confined to the four walls that we call home. Out in the world where there is all this bigness, I saw Theo in a new light – a little boy, on his journey to grow big. He is going to do amazing things, that one. What a privilege to be his momma. IMG_0519

4. Ok, I don’t want to be a downer, but I want to share what appears to be very serious information. I read an article this week that revealed this site that shows LIVE FEED of unsecured devices, like your home’s security camera or, wait for it…you BABY MONITOR. Ugh. You guys. This is disgusting and awful. According to this article:

There’s a search engine called Shodan that does what Google does — scours the internet — but instead of answering questions like “Who is that guy in the first episode of Empire,” it finds WiFi-enabled devices that lack proper password security or encryption. Like your streaming baby monitor.

Please read the full article from Fatherly to find out more and to learn how you can make sure no one is creepin on your little sweeties.

5. And finally, this:


Ohhh. It makes me laugh every time because it’s

Happy Friday, all you honey bunnies out there!

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Ooh I read that article about the terrible security that baby monitors have. I didn’t choose a monitor that had internet capabilities because I work from home and didn’t think I would need one, but with this new info I am elated with that decision!!! Scary world sometimes! Love your little Valentine’s experience 💕

    1. I don’t have a monitor, but the information was too scary not to put out there! I’m glad to hear that information/article seems to be circulating, though. I agree, scary! Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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