An Art Filled Love Nest: A Room Tour

Sitting down with my brother and his wife, Rhiannon, is one of my greatest pleasures in life. They are warm, affectionate, and full of great stories that they tell with lots of laughter and these little knowing looks. They are two of the sweetest love birds I’ve ever met, and I love them dearly.

It’s hard to over state how much I care for my brother. I love him, sure. But I also like him (so much!). And admire him (so much!).

I find it incredible that he found someone like Rhiannon who is as amazing as he is. These two are so great together. I love how much Joshy loves Rhiannon. I love how much Rhiannon loves my Joshy. I love that I get to love them.

As I saw down with Josh and Rhiannon to interview them about their favorite room in their home (their living room), it became clear to me that the story wasn’t so much about a room, but about them. About their love. About their adventures.

It’s my pleasure to introduce these two magnificent people to you today and to giveyou a sneak peak into their favorite room. Enjoy.

IMG_0554When you walk into Josh and Rhiannon’s (and Bowie’s) home, you instantly know who you are dealing with. Their home is like a treasure box: full of objects, photographs, and momentos that are symbolic of something cherished. The photographs of the couple’s many adventures. The beautiful pottery by both Rhiannon and her favorite potterer whom she describes as “my muse.” The eclectic pieces that are both interesting to look at and, true to the couple’s nature, have a story to tell.

Rhiannon had this photograph, taken by Josh, blown up and printed on a canvas.


Rhiannon had this photograph, taken by Josh, blown up and printed on a canvas.


One of our grandfather’s birdhouses, made in replica of houses in the area.


This is so true to my brother. A new bike frame, waiting to be put to good use. Josh is an incredibly talented BMX rider.IMG_0560IMG_0555IMG_0566IMG_0558IMG_0562IMG_0559

I asked Josh what his favorite thing was in their living room, and he told me he loved the boar’s head, given to him by our uncle in Florida on a trip he and Rhiannon took a few years ago. “He (Uncle Dick) is what it is to be alive. I love his sense of adventure. He is interested in everything.”IMG_0565

Josh mentioned a photograph from a trip the couple took to Acadia National Park in Maine as another favorite item in the room. They were supposed to camp on an island that only about 10 people are allowed to camp on each year. But when they arrived, it was raining and freezing cold, so they decided to abandon the plans of camping. They found a small, family run motel right next to the park where they stayed for $30 a night, instead.

“It wasn’t anything special,” Josh recalled, “but the people were so nice. They sent us to a waterfall along the mountain that only exists when it rains. The last day we were there the sun finally came out.” Josh paused at this point while I was writing, and started to laugh. “Rhiannon slept from Ohio to New Hampshire on that trip. I drove 18 hours straight before she woke up.” IMG_0575

For Rhiannon, her favorite thing in the room is the pottery, which is a mix of her own and that of Joy Tanner, a potterer in North Carolina, given to her by Josh. Rhiannon noted that her and Tanner’s styles “compliment each other.” IMG_0561IMG_0578IMG_0580

The couple bought their home a year ago this moth. They looked at houses for a long time and were starting to get discouraged. But now, looking back, Josh says he is “so thankful that the other houses didn’t work out.”

“I remember crying at B12,” (They are the only people I know who refer to their last place by apartment number :-).) said Rhiannon, “sitting on the edge of our bed, thinking it was never going to happen. Then Josh called me (about this house) and the first thing he said was ‘There’s a birch tree in the front yard. We are going to buy it.'”

“I saw the living room,” said Josh. “I knew this was it.”

Josh and Rhiannon’s living room is full of natural light, with a big picture window that looks out on a field. It was the natural light and the view that Josh first fell in love with.

As the two have filled the room with pieces that they love, they’ve created a space full of natural color and textures that makes the room a comfortable space to occupy.

Rhiannon said she loves this room because it is so “cozy and homy. You don’t feel like you have to sit up straight in the this room. We are comfortable here, and I love that other people feel comfortable when they visit. We want this to be a home for other people. We want to share it with others. You can do what you want here.”

As new homeowners and newlyweds, I wanted to know what has been Josh and Rhiannon’s biggest surprise about marriage. Their responses, didn’t disappoint.

Rhiannon: “My biggest surprise was how you realize how much the other person is on your side. When you wake up in the morning, when you go to work, and when you go to bed at night, you’re a unit. You feel stronger. I was surprised by how communication is so huge. We are really independent people. It’s easy to make decisions on our own. Remembering to talk things through makes us so much stronger and we get a little more insight into the other person.”

Josh: “My biggest surprise is how I’m looking into the future. Until the last two years, I never planned anything. After we got married, I can’t imagine it any other way. I want to do things now that will be good for us in the future. And it’s a release of pressure. There’s no front. We are in this for the rest of our lives, and that’s a confidence booster. Everyone else can think what they want, but I’ve got Rhiannon and Bowie.”  IMG_0589

I wrote about Josh getting married, here and Rhiannon, here. And I wrote about why it’s so great to have a brother, here.



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