Five Things

Dear Readers,

Your outpouring of love, support, and solidarity this week means so much. So. Much.

Thank you.

1. I took a chance on Tuesday and decided to get real. I decided to go for vulnerability. I decided that the hard parts of my story were just as important to share (maybe more?) than the easy. To say that Mike and I were blown away by the response is the world’s greatest understatement. We were stunned. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who took the time to text, call, comment on this blog or on Facebook, or reached out in one of the many other ways that you did. We’ve found our tribe. We’ve been loved. And we are so, so grateful.


2. It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around everything that happened this week. The many things that went wrong across almost every aspect of our life. And while some of the hard things have been resolved, others haven’t. But regardless, we’ve already learned so much through the process. We’ve learned that it’s ok for things to fall apart. We’ve learned that just because things are hard it doesn’t mean you did something wrong. We learned to ask for help. We learned to be vulnerable. We learned that we can do hard things. And we learned that God is good even when situations aren’t good.

curated from The Brave Life on Instagram

3. One of the biggest take aways for me from this week was the concept of what progress looks like. In my mind, progress is very clear cut. It’s positive, and it always means moving forward. But I was reminded this week that progress and perfection are not one in the same. I learned this week that just because things appear to be falling a part, doesn’t mean that you aren’t still moving forward. The only way to stop progress, is to stop trying.

This week, as we faced some hardships, it would have been easy to look at our situation and think that we were taking a step backwards instead of forward. But then, I think about how refining our experience has been. How much we’ve learned. How much we’ve grown. And I think about the power, in that.

curated from Lysa Terkeurst on Instagram

4. I love my husband so much. He works so hard for our family. He stands with me, not against me, in tough times. One thing I love about him most, though, is that we really are in this together. I love that we worry less about what is practical, and more about what is purposeful. I once told him that I thought that practical was just another name for scared. That I didn’t want to get caught in the “is this practical or not?” vortex when making decisions for my life. I didn’t want to not step out and take a risk just because it might not be “practical.” I told him that I thought the safe life was a boring life. He just looked at me and said, “I agree.” That was it! I probably waxed poetically for about 15 minutes about being brave and what not, and all he did was nod his head like it was a forgone conclusion. I guess with him, it really is. Gosh do I love that about him.

5. IMG_0849

The Shipper Fab Five. In all our imperfect, messy, loud, coffee-chugging, biscotti eatin, real life glory. Down, but not defeated.

Happy Friday, my brave little buttercups.


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