How To Host A Clothing Exchange

A month ago, I went to my first clothing exchange and it was life changing. As the name implies, this is an event where you get clothes. For free. Read on, dear readers. Read on…

Ok, so basically, a clothing exchange is where you get together with a bunch of girlfriends, pile all your unwanted clothes in the middle of a room, and then go to town sorting through the stack – trying things on, adding to your collection of “new clothes,” and generally having a ball. You leave the clothing exchange with more clothes than you came in with, feeling like a whole new woman with a brand new wardrobe. Oh, and the clothes that nobody takes? The host donates them to a local women’s charity! It’s so awesome, you guys.

So here is how you go about hosting your own clothing exchange:

Step one: Invite a bunch of gals over to your home. Tell them to sort through their clothes, shoes, purses and accessories for things they no longer wear.

Step two: Your gal pals arrive at your home on the before agreed upon time with a laundry basket of clothes and a snack to share.

Step three: You dump all the clothes in a central spot, pass around the snacks, and dive in. You try on clothes. You hand your friends pieces you think would look lovely on them. You guard your pile of “new” clothes from your sister-in-law who keeps trying to take your new shirt with swans all over it. You can’t believe how many amazing things you are getting. You feel like a million bucks.

Step four: You leave all the unwanted items for the host to pack up and donate.

Step five: You go home and immediately show your husband all your new loot. You feel proud of yourself for not spending any money. He feels relieved, after initial feelings of dread upon seeing you enter with three bags of clothes.

Step six: You are a hero to your friends. A legend. They send you heart felt messages, saying how you’ve changed their lives forever. You remind them that you are but a mere, clothing-loving mortal, and that their happiness (and a few choice pieces from their closet) are all the thanks you need.

Bea’s first girl’s night. She is on duty, protecting my swan shirt from a certain someone. 



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