Five Things

1. I just got rid of my knee-length jean skirt. Like, just. Of course I did. I had to, in order for Vogue to come out with the 2016 trend of, youuuuu guessed it: knee-length jean skirts. I literally looked at that stupid thing for like 10 minutes and was like, “There is no way these are coming back, so I guess I’ll part with it. They are definitely not coming back. For sure.” Famous last words, right?

I remember wearing those in the nineties with a colorful cardigan and thinking I was so cool. Like, Alicia Silverstone, cool.  

2. And speaking of clothing. My oldest son is currently and unashamedly running around in underwear, worn backwards. I told him to turn it around but he told me he liked it that way. So I don’t know. Since my fashion judgement is clearly awry, maybe we should all give the whole backwards underwear thing ago. I should also mention he is only wearing underwear. Do with that what you will.

3. My friend sent me this mind-blowing article about how to gently, but firmly, tell your child’s elementary teacher that you will not be participating in homework. That home time is for home related activities, not school. Mind. Blown. It also talks about how it’s been shown that homework does nothing to improve understanding in elementary age students. I’ve heard good things about the teachers in the school that Theo will be attending next fall, but it’s still good to have this information tucked away. Say it with me now, I’m the mom! I’m the mom! I get to make these decisions! (fist bump)

4. If you don’t mind me saying so, I’m sort of a rock start when it comes to sleep. Like, I’m really good at it. I contribute my success to a combination of loving it so much and the fact that I get so little. I can definetly be the type to stay up too late, though. I mean, I don’t really need to say it, but we all know why: Netflix.

And speaking of Netflix, I feel like I need to take this opportunity for a little PSA. People, STOP USING THE HASHTAG #NETFLIXANDCHILL IF ALL YOU ARE DOING IS WATCHING NEW GIRL IN YOUR PJ’S. It does NOT mean that. How do I say this. It means something much more adult, so please, if you are staying in with your hubby on a Friday night, say you are #chillin with your #honeybunny and watching some #netflix. Or something like that. I don’t know. Maybe the first one is more accurate. Either way. You’ve been warned.

5. The other day, I asked my FB friends for some music inspiration. It was my favorite kind of Ohio day; the kind of warm spring day with a soft drizzly rain that sticks around all day and makes your coffee taste extra good and fills your home with the incredible sounds of spring. You can’t just listen to anything on those kind of days. My go-to playlist for these all-day-Ohio-rains are usually a mix of classics (CCR, Sam Cooke, John Lee Hooker, and Carol King), modern indie bands (The Shins, Avett Brothers, and Band of Horses), and jazzy stuff (Miles Davis, Madeline Peyroux, and Louis Armstrong). I was in the mood for something new, however, and I came away with a great playlist that I’ve enjoyed since. Some of the most notable suggestions were: The Be Good Tanyas, Dangermuffin, Soft Kill, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Joshua Radin and Ben E King.

Happy Friday, dear friends. May your underwear be on right and your hashtags appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Check out Half Moon Run! They have two albums and they’re both magnificent.. It sounds like we have similar taste in music and shows (The Office, yeaaahhh!) and I think you should try it out! They have their full albums on YouTube if you wanna take a listen 🙂

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