Thursday Things I Love: New Projects, Dates, and Spring

I read this quote recently and loved it:

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

-Ann Lamott

My friend Whitney recently posted about a date night at Chick Fil A where customers were encouraged to turn off their phones and put them in a box on the table for their Family Challenge. I really like that idea. As a blogger, it can be difficult to turn off your phone. What about taking pics to use in posts next week? What about updating social media to keep people engaged? Blah blah blah. I love my phone and I think people take their phone/social media bashing a bit far. I mean, you can ALWAYS find something to be distracted by; if it wasn’t our phones it would inevitably be something else. But, with that being said, I love this idea of “unplugging” from the world for a bit and recharging the proverbial batteries. This is so powerful to do as a family. Go for a walk. Read a book. Just be together, without the noise of the outside world clamoring for your attention. If I’m brave enough, I might even choose one day a week to “unplug.” I’ll keep you update. Er, or not? Lol, see the conundrum I have here?

This Artwork


As I’ve mentioned here before, Mike has started his own business: Basic Elements by Mike. I’ve always known (and benefited) from his many woodworking and construction skills. You can ALWAYS count on Mike to take care of the handy man projects needed around the house. With his new business, however, I’ve been blown away by the furniture and the ART he’s created. I’m consistently blown away by his vision, his craftsmanship, and his artistic eye for detail. He made this buffalo for a friend of ours last weekend. He had the whole thing completed before I even woke up that morning. Granted, I didn’t get up til 10 that Saturday, but still…

This Date


I enjoyed getting out with Mike on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday party. We did’t take any of the kids, even Miss Bea (which rarely-never happens), so trust me, we enjoyed the break. I got to wear a non-breastfeeding friendly top, we got to talk to friends uninterrupted, and we might of even danced a little bit ;-). Dates with this guy are my favorite.

This Muddy Little Boy


Makes me laugh every.single.time.

This Al Fresco Lunch


Springtime! Ah, what bliss. We’ve been outside, soaking up the sun, every chance we’ve had this week!

These Little Readers


Last Sunday we ‘sprung forward’ for daylight saving time, which means this week has been a train wreck for these two: tantrums, getting up too early, bad attitudes, and lots of destructive behavior.

What is it with these boys and BREAKING EVERYTHING? In less than one hour this past Tuesday, they smeared my mascara all over the counters, floors and walls in the bathroom, broke our curtain rod, and dumped their oatmeal on the kitchen floor and then proceeded to walk through it. AHHHHHHH. This is why we can’t have nice things.

But then, we have moments like the one pictured above. Dinner was over, Mike was at a meeting and Bea was (finally) sleeping. I put on some gentle classical music, sat the boys on the sofa with a pile of books and told them that I’d put them to bed as soon as they got up. They stayed there for a full 30 minutes, long enough for me to get the kitchen cleaned. Um, hash tag WINNING.

This Freedom, Exercised


I take my kids with me to vote. Every time. This is the first time Bea has been with us though and, let me tell you, the experience left me grinding my teeth and sweating like I had just run a marathon. But this is important to me. I’m a big believer in doing the things that I value with my kids. If I value something, but they never see me do it, how can I inspire them to hold those same values? So to the polls we went. With Bea asleep in my sling, Oliver munching on animal crackers in his stroller, and Theo running ahead of us and saying hello to all the other voters. We did it, America. We did it.

This Little Shopper


We buy our milk from a local dairy that doesn’t homogonize their milk because it is easier for Theo to digest with his dairy intolerance. It’s an extra trip outside of grocery shopping, but one that is well worth it. I typically go with Bea and Oliver after we’ve dropped Theo off at preschool. As I mentioned before, this has been a rough week with the kids’ behavior, so instead of just running in to get the milk quick, I ordered Oliver a kid’s sized scoop of chocolate custard to enjoy before returning home. Because, sometimes you’ve just got to stick a sweet treat in your kid’s mouth to get five minutes of blessed silence FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

This Yoga Progress


One day, I was working on a yoga sequence for my Wednesday yoga class and decided to spend some time on a pose that is on my “yoga goals” list for this year: firefly. This was a small victory, but one that encourages me and breaths fresh breath into my personal practice.

This Official Park Business


This week, the Park Committee met at, um, the park. We walked the path and trails, checked on the state of equipment, and brainstormed ways to improve the facilities. (I’m on the war path for a baby swing!) As I was walking home, I felt so excited and grateful for the opportunity. Nothing makes my soul sing like being outside, especially with my kids. I’m really looking forward to being a part of a group that exists to get families outside to enjoy the fresh air, physical activity, and fun!

This Budding Arborist


We have a lot of Ash DEAD Ash trees. Which means we always have fallen branches in our yard. One day this week, I looked out my kitchen window to see Theo, garden spade in hand, digging holes to “plant” the branches. He was seriously so proud of himself. 🙂 Sometimes he is just the most adorable thing ever.

This Silly Goober


That FACE! He’s adorable. He’s sweet. But boy oh boy is that kid ornery. Can you see it!?

This Little Sweetheart 


She just makes me smile SO DANG MUCH! I can’t believe I made that preciousness.

This Multi Tasking Moment


I know I said in my babywearing post that I don’t like to use the Moby Wrap, but Bea, as I’ve recently discovered, does. She can get pretty fussy during those dreaded hours around suppertime, so I find myself in the above situation more often than not. I don’t mind, though. It’s extra work sure, but it also kinda makes me feel good to have my girl close. To know that she is comforted by my presence. That I can both soothe her and continue to meet the needs of the rest of my family. And, let’s be honest. Cooking while wearing your baby makes you feel like super mom ;-).


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