A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour

When I think about Jake and Aubry Patton, I think about how almost every Vogue journalist starts off their interview with an A-list celeb noting the seemingly casual attitude of the whole affair. How the celeb is wearing normal jean and a basic tee. How their hair is casually pulled back into a pony tail. How they appear so approachable. And yet, it’s Julia Roberts, for goodness sake. That, is exactly how I feel about our friends, the Pattons.

These two have the gorgeous gene in spades. They are talented, stylish, and oh -so likable. Their home is magazine worthy. And they are just so genuinely nice. So easy to talk to. And really fun people.

We met up with the Pattons recently to enjoy dinner together in their home, and I got the chance to sit down with Aubrey afterwards to talk about her favorite room in their house: their living room.

When the Pattons bought their home a few years ago, a historic 1930’s house, they both fell in love with it’s character. It was important to them that they not just buy “a cookie cutter” house.” When they saw this house, with it’s solid oak doors and trim, and historic little details, they knew it was the one.

IMG_1345Initially, the living room was wall to wall carpet. They pulled it up to reveal the original wood floors. But it’s the living room’s fireplace, that is Aubrey’s favorite feature.

“I always wanted to have one, and I love that it is the focal point of the room.”IMG_1176IMG_1173IMG_1197IMG_1172

Aubrey’s design style combines function with comfort.

“Because we are working with a smaller house, I want things that are comfortable and cozy and make the space feel homey,” says Aubrey.

“But,” she notes, “my style is always evolving.”

“When we first bought our house, I was really excited to decorate. I chose a lot of rustic pieces. I still like the coziness of rustic, but now I’m drawn to the clean lines of minimalism.”

Currently, she likes to combine cozy, rustic pieces, with more modern ones.

“Tastes change. I’m always bringing in new ideas. I get inspired when I see how other people use things and I see it in a totally different light.”

I asked Aubrey for an example of how her tastes have changed. She laughed and said, “When we first moved in, I loved the big, tall, corner vases with big sprays. I bought this huge wicker one from Pier 1 and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I’ve since retired it to the basement.”

IMG_1346Aubrey’s favorite piece in the room is an old trunk that the couple uses as a coffee table.

“When we first moved in, we were looking for a coffee table. We found this trunk in a little antique store in Austintown. Jake talked the seller down on the price and we scored it for $39. It’s so unique and functional. I love that it serves the purpose of a coffee table without actually being a table.” IMG_1194IMG_1191IMG_1186IMG_1185IMG_1184IMG_1183IMG_1182IMG_1171

The Patton’s home is full of unique little pieces, so I asked Aubrey how she decides what to include in her decor.

“When I look at something, I ask, does this bring me joy, or just take up space?”

I asked her if this meant that she didn’t keep things around for sentimental reasons.

“Yes and no. I’m good at separating emotions from things if it’s not something I absolutely love.”

Although, she did admit that she still has all the letters Jake wrote her when the two were dating in college.

See what I mean? These two… Adorable.



2 thoughts on “A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour

  1. It looks like you and Mike are getting a lot of good meals out of this series! 🙂 Blogger perks!! I LOVE this room…I’m pinning this post as soon as I get done commenting. There is so much inspiration here!

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