Good Moments

Mike is home on spring break this week, so yesterday I took the opportunity to TAKE a yoga class. At 9:00 am, I unrolled my mat in a warm and sunny spot at my favorite yoga studio and stretched myself out, preparing to get my butt kicked.

It’s an exercise in humility and mental toughness to get back into the game postpartum. You remember where you were before baby, but your body feels like it belongs to someone else. And in a way, it kinda did. I had several out of body moments on my mat where I was on an entirely different plane mentally than I was physically. I had to quickly snap back to attention and get my wobbly body under control.

Not there yet.

The pay off, of course, is immediate. I left feeling so refreshed. I felt proud of myself for facing the challenge of rebuilding strength and stability with an open mind and willing spirit. I sweat like crazy and left completely exhausted but totally energized.

It was a good moment.

I can’t drink coffee before I practice yoga. I’ve tried, and the results are catastrophic. So upon returning home after class, I immediately brewed a large pot while I made myself breakfast.

I sat in our living room with the sun pouring in, with a steaming cup of coffee and and a plate full of scrambled eggs and toast, and just savored the moment.

Bea was still asleep. The boys were outside with their dad.

It was another good moment.

At lunch, I told Mike that I wanted to do something together as a family that afternoon. I didn’t want this spring break to just fly by without spending some intentional time together. So despite it taking FOREVER and a day to get us all in the car, and even then I still had to haul Oliver BACK inside because the MINUTE I put him in his car seat he started to stink (You know what I’m talking about!), eventually, we were off. We stopped at our local co-op to see Mike’s Basic Elements’ display.  We grabbed coffee. We got the boys fro-yo. Bea fell asleep on my chest in her Moby wrap. We walked around without our coats.

Again, another good moment.


We got everyone packed back up in the van and started to head home, but then I remembered that I needed to go to the bank. As we pulled away from the teller, we noticed that, glory be, all three of our children had FALLEN ASLEEP. I kid you not.

So we just started to drive. We left town and followed roads we’d never been on before and Mike and I enjoyed uninterrupted conversations as our kids slept away in their carseats. I stopped to take a few photos, and we eventually ended up driving by my friend’s gift cottage. We stopped to browse and I picked up a new tube of strawberry chap stick.

More good moments.

We came home. We made pizza’s together. The boys wouldn’t stop talking and were total messes at dinner. I got myself ready and left for the evening to join some girlfriends for a girl’s night.

And that was a good moment, too.

2 thoughts on “Good Moments

  1. 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 has been balm for my soul…but really all of chapter 4. When we embrace where God has called us (especially when it wasn’t our original idea of how things should’ve gone), He can pull us into such a deep place of living worship! You are living worship in your life! You serve God with the way you love your family and others!

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