Thursday Things I Love: DIY Projects, Goofy Faces, And Family Adventures

This Quote

The more we fill our lives with purpose, the less time we will spend looking for approval.

-The Brave Life

These Goobers

These are my children. They fill my life with ALL the emotions and I love them so.

This Special GiftIMG_1360


My friend made our little lady this beautiful outfit, and not only was I blown away by how cute Bea looked, I was also incredibly touched by the gesture. There is something so, so special about having your friends love on your little ones. It means the world to know that the people you love, are loved and well cared for by others. But seriously, hold on to your ovaries, ladies, cause that baby is CUTE.

This Quick DIY Project


I wanted to turn our foyer wall into a giant chalk board/art display. So Mike, being the amazing person that he is, made it happen. I love-love-love the result. Oh, and the kids love it too.

This Girl’s Night

I hosted a clothing exchange this week! Twelve of my friends and I piled our clothes into my living room and spent the evening chatting, snacking, and trying on “new” clothes. At the end of the night, we kept whatever new items we found and loved.  The following day I packed everything up and took it all to a local women’s charity and donated a van full of clothes, purses, and shoes.

This Family AdventureIMG_1435IMG_1437IMG_1439IMG_1455IMG_1442IMG_1445IMG_1446IMG_1447IMG_1448IMG_1452IMG_1459IMG_1465IMG_1467

Yesterday, I had the itch to get out of Dodge (I know, AGAIN!), so we packed everyone up for a spontaneous trip to Headlands Beach State Park in Cleveland. The park is along Lake Erie and Ohhh momma, it was cold. But so beautiful! I can’t wait to go back again when it’s a tad bit warmer. After attempting to explore the beach (but subsequently high tailing it back to the van because all three kids were in tears – Oliver: “My face is spicy!”), we decided to drive around and see what there was to see.

The area that the park was in was just so incredibly charming. We drove around for awhile to look at all the cute cottages and I played that fun but completely delusional game where I “pick my house out” (anyone else ever do that?). You all will be happy to know that I found it. My house. It’s a lovely little slate blue cottage with adirondack chairs in the yard, a deck that looks out at the lake, and a private walk way down to the beach. You all will just love it. I can’t wait for you to come visit.

We found a burrito joint for dinner (cause the “picnic” I planned wasn’t gonna happen), and if you give a girl a burrito she is going to ask you for a cup of coffee. So, thank you iphone, 15 minutes later we drove into the most adorable little town I’ve ever seen and pulled right up to a coffee shop that made we want to pack up my bags and move right in.

We drove around a little bit after getting our coffee. The boys watched the Leggo Movie. (If anyone knows whose idea it was to put DVD players in vehicles, please, do tell. I’d love to send that guy some cookies and a love letter.) We made one late night pit stop at a Wendy’s to change diapers and feed a hungry baby. Mike and I sang to oldies and quoted Dumb and Dumber to each other. The kids all fell asleep.

I love this little life we have. It’s really not perfect. It’s really simple. But it’s ours, and we are livin the heck out of it. And it’s so, so good.


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