Five Things

1. Do you or someone you know suffer from a syndrome that is now being called “Instagram  Husband?” If so, you can find help. Simply watch this YouTube videoDon’t suffer alone.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me…and a brick wall.”

2. Science, you beautiful, weird animal, you. I’ll never call you bad names again. Because, you, dear science, have proven what I’ve been saying for years: I need more sleep. I need it! In fact, you’ve proven that ALL WOMEN need more sleep. Not only that you, but you said we need more sleep because we multitask and “use more of our brain than men do.” HAHAHA. Science I could kiss you on your mouth, that is the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. You can read about it in black in white, here.

3. I’ve been reading a lot about the wage gap here in America. Did you know that it’s not that American employers value female workers less? Instead, it’s that more likely than not, it’s women who quit their jobs to provide child care when they start a family and, often times, they can never catch back up to their male counterparts in wages when they go back to work (if they ever do!).

Other countries have already found that providing paid family leave and quality childcare on site ensures that they get to keep employees through the child rearing years, which not only helps close the wage gap between men and women, it pays dividends for the company. There aren’t many American companies who are getting on board with this win-win scenario, but the ones who are have seen huge profits. I read more about this story, here.

4. I mentioned the other day that I recently watched a documentary on the Barkley Marathons. Last night I had my husband watch it and he agreed: inspirational. Watch it on Netflix if you can!

5. This Sunday is Easter! I can’t wait to get the kids dressed up in their adorable little outfits and spend Sunday morning with our church family. I can’t wait to give the kids their Easter Baskets (that I still need to put together!).

Last Easter, we had just found out that we were pregnant with Bea. And now, here she is! It’s been a tough year is many ways, but oh-so-good in just as many other ways. God has been so good to us. I look forward to celebrating the many ways he has provided for us, all of us, as we celebrate Easter this weekend.

Happy Friday, all you peeps!

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