Easter Weekend Recap, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Or if not wonderful, at least pretty ok?

I enjoyed our weekend. This was the first year that the I handled the whole Easter sha-bang – Easter baskets, egg hunt, and outfits – and I really enjoyed it. In case you’re curious (or maybe just bored?), take a look at how we spent out weekend:


On Friday night, Mike and the boys were gone so I fired up New Girl, grabbed the last of Mike’s homemade ice cream (mahahaha, sorry Mike!), and filled the Easter baskets and eggs while my main girl, Beatrice, kept me company.IMG_1518


How beautiful is this basket? I bought it for Bea for next year.


I got the kids’ baskets at Goodwill for seriously like, 35 cents each. So cheap. There is a good chance that the boys will destroy their baskets at some point, so cheap yet pretty is right up my ally. Also, these were real baskets. I thought that was a nice feature. Anyways. I filled them with some chocolate bunnies, a ring pop, a pair of bunny sun glasses (for obvi reasons), and a purifyou water bottle.

These water bottles are glass and covered in a bpa free plastic sleeve. I plan to constantly keeps these bottles filled and in the refrigerator so that the boys can independently get themselves a drink when they need/want (yay for fostering independence!). Although they are glass, the reviews claimed that the sleeve renders them nearly indestructible (we shall see), and at 12 oz, it’s the perfect size for kids. Plus, proceeds from all purifyou purchases goes towards building wells in Africa to help people gain access to clean drinking water. In my book, that makes for a perfect Easter basket accessory!


Fact: public Easter egg hunts give me anxiety. Fact: it’s more fun to do things at home with your friends and with doughnuts than with people you don’t know without doughnuts. So yes, we nixed all plans for attending any local egg hunts this year and instead opted for a casual one at our place instead. We invited friends. We made coffee and ate lots of doughnuts. We didn’t worry once about our children getting run over, lost, or punched by another child. (Well, I still had to worry about my kids punching each other. Oh well. Two out of the three were still true.)


Easter Sunday was glorious, with beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and warm temperatures. We all got dressed up, with the boys in their coordinating shirts and ties (I died over the cuteness), and Bea in her hand me down dress from good friends and hot pink tennies (so CUTE!). I love this clan so stinkin much.


Our church’s Easter theme was: the cross equals love. And it does. It’s simple and beautiful and true. And just because there are plenty of people who mess up that equation or try and insert a bunch of other things into it doesn’t make the original math any less true, or any less simple.


My oldest and my youngest.


We hid their Easter baskets. To make it more fun. And to make them work for it.


Like seriously work for it, lol.


I can’t stop laughing over this one.


That’s it for us! Easter 2016, Shipper Fab Five style!

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