A Little Bit About Me

I’ve picked up some new followers lately, so I thought I’d take the time today to share a little bit about myself.

-I have three kids. I’ve had a baby every other year for the past five years running. I need to start planning my next project before I get confused and have one more kid.

-I love live for coffee. The darker and stronger the better. I want my coffee to reach up and slap me. Incidentally, I’m not a morning person and would cease to function without said, strong coffee.

-My favorite dark roast at Starbucks is Gold Coast. My least favorite is Komodo Dragon. Let’s be real, Starbucks, and call a spade a spade, and a medium roast a medium roast.

-I don’t really have a favorite color. I’m an equal opportunity color appreciator. 

-I believe in keeping life simple.

-I love entertaining and nothing makes me happier than filling my home with people.

-My husband and I met on a blind date and were married less than a year later.

-I rearrange my furniture on an average of every other month.

-I could see myself living on a ranch in Texas, or in a chic apartment in Paris. I am nothing if not full of contradictions and extremes.

-It should be noted that I grew up watching and loving John Wayne movies, hence my secret yearning for a home on the range. (Eldorado, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Quiet Man. Put these movies on your “watch” list!)

-I played the French horn before concert band turned into marching band and I was like nooooo way.

-I started doing yoga in college when I took it as my gym credit. My room mate and I used to practice in our dorm room which created all kinds of hilarious situations.

-I believe in keeping our food, our health, and our lifestyle as natural as possible. We don’t own a microwave, which most people find slightly alarming.

-And speaking of all things natural…I’ve used natural deodorant for years. But last week I ran out and had to use my husband’s Old Spice in a pinch. Prolly never going back to the natural stuff. I forgot what it was like to not sweat through my clothing. Now I can do the YMCA and the only thing that would embarrass me would be the fact that I’m doing the YMCA.

-I read. A lot.

-I also ♥ TV.

-I’m considering taking up golfing once all my kids are in school. No particular reason. I just fancy myself a golfer.

-I love jokes. I always ask my husband to tell me the jokes that his kids tell him (he is a teacher) and then get really mad when he doesn’t remember them. HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER A JOKE? It’s like, the most important part of your day.

-I’m a vegetarian and have been for….eight years now (9?). I hated eating meat to begin with so it wasn’t a difficult switch. Every now and then, though, I find myself wanting a crappy hotdog. Veggie meat has come a long way, but nothing comes close to the taste of a cheap dog on a crappy bun that you eat while siting around a camp fire with friends.

-Speaking of camp fires. I love camping. I love anything that makes it appropriate to skip showering. I also have a dream of touring the US via RV for a year. I’m still working on my husband on this idea, but stay tuned. It’s gonna happen.

-I have no artistic skillz like painting or drawing, but I love art. I’m a photographer (using a 35 mm, film camera), but I appreciate almost all styles of art from any era.

-Sometimes I daydream about busting out crazy gymnastic moves in a totally rando place/situation. This is truly bizarre as I have no gymnastic abilities to speak of. But in my daydream…man, I can back handspring the crap out of a room.

-My husband and I are total opposites in almost every aspect of life. I genuinely don’t even know what political party he is a member of, but I’m sure it’s the opposite of me. And I love that about us. Different personalities, talents, preferences and styles. But 100% on the same page with our hopes, dreams, and passions.

Current loves: my nap time yoga practice (the kids are napping, not me), pour-over coffee, incense, lime in my water, dancing with my kids, house plants, sprinkles, and my four month old baby (ah, what a perfect stage!).

Current pet peeves: bad smells (hello, little boys), my toddler’s constant talking, pasta, dusting (can it be a pet peeve if you don’t actually do it?), library due dates, and pants that are either too big or too small.

Current attitude: I used to be the biggest scardy cat you ever met. So insecure. Filled with anxiety over what people thought about me.

I still struggle with those things from time to time. I still have to remind myself that no one is thinking about me when I walk into a room. That I’m the only one obsessing over the stupid thing I said. That I might screw something up, but who really cares? Is it really that big of a deal? And so on and so forth. But I’ve also found an incredible amount of freedom in realizing that I was made on purpose, for a purpose. That I’m me, for a reason.

I’ve also learned that God’s given my husband and I crazy specific, crazy counter-cultural ideas about how we should be living. And that is both scary and exciting. I can’t expect everyone to “get it,” approve, or even care. I can’t let the worry of other people’s approval stop my dreams because those dreams are no small thing. They aren’t a passing notion. And even if they are, who says that’s a bad thing? Did you ever consider the fact that your impulses and urges could be more than just a random thought…they could be inspiration for your life?

I’ve learned that I’m a lion in in a world full of wolves. I’ve been given everything that I need in order to carry out the purpose for my life. I need nothing, but to do it.




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