Thursday Things I Love: Little Readers, Vintage Baby Clothes, and College Friends

This week, we’ve all struggled a bit to get back in the swing of things after having Mike home with us last week for spring break. We’ve just felt “off” as a family. Plus, the boys aren’t sleeping…which, as all parents know, means we aren’t sleeping. I barely remember what all has happened this week, it’s just been a blur. (Side note. Mike and I went through three bags of coffee while he was home on break. THREE BAGS!)

But, like any week, there are always good things that happen. Things that make me smile, moments that mean a lot to me, and conversations that brighten my day. Things like…

This New Photo


Mike hung Bea’s newborn photo next to my maternity picture on our family gallery wall and it warms my heart every time I see it. What a sweet little baby! She has been beautiful before she was even born. I’m so happy to finally have her picture up on our wall!

This Tender Little Reader


Oliver wanted to hold his sister the other day, and as soon as he had her on his lap, he grabbed a book and started “reading” to her. I love moments like this so stinkin much!

This Vintage Dress (and Those Eyes!)


My mom gave me a pile of my baby clothes recently, and I’ve enjoyed seeing my girl wear them, especially this darling dress! It is so delicate and beautiful, just like her.

This Daddy Daughter Moment


Ohhhh boy. Miss Bea has her daddy’s number, if you know what I mean 😉 . He loves his girl so much, and it shows. We are so lucky to be loved and cared for by this man. He is a pillar of strength and one of the toughest guys I know, but man oh man, is he tender hearted. A heart that melts like butter, this one.

This Date With A College Friend


A college friend of mine was in town, and I was thrilled to not only get to have coffee with her, but to introduce her to Bea as well! It’s so fun to come full circle with people who knew you back before you were married, had a job, or had children.

This. Just…This


The other morning, Bea started to fuss before anyone else was up, so Mike brought her to me in bed so that I could stay comfortable while nursing her. Together we snuggled under the warm covers and soon she was fast asleep. The sun started to come up and soon I heard the boys start to stir in the room next door, but before I left to contain the wild monkeys, I stopped to take one last look (and snap a photo) of my girl.

To say that I am delighted by my sweet girl is the world’s greatest understatement. Maybe it’s because I have two boys who are so wild and destructive that it only makes the addition of this girl all the more special. Maybe it’s because she is still a newborn and I now realize that babies are a piece of cake, it’s toddlers who are hard. Or maybe, as I like to think, it’s because this little girl and I are connected by more than just blood or last name. I am a part of her and she a part of me. I carry her in my heart, and her presence in this world is nothing short of miraculous.

The poet Billy Collins has this poem about love. About a man looking at a woman in a way that reminded him of paintings of people looking at God. And while the uber religious might take offense to that thought, I find it incredibly beautiful. And now that I have a daughter, I can also relate.

Some gifts aren’t just gifts. They are little loves notes. Little, glimpses…of Heaven.

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