Five Things

Happy Friday, friends!

1. At my weekly visit to Aldi the other day, I was pleased to discover boxes of frozen macarons in their special buy isle. I got to try my first macaron this summer when we visited Savannah, Georgia and wow, let me tell you. Those little beauties live up to they hype. AMAZING. They were baked by a chef who trained with Julia Childs. (I know, right?!?) So of course, I wondered if Aldi could produce something similarly amazing.

Last night I tried two: lemon and pistachio (I’ll savor the lavender one last 😉 .) The verdict? The lemon macaron was just ehh. But the pistachio one was out of this world! I can’t wait to try the rest. 

2. I’m not the world’s greatest laundry-doer. More often than not, if something goes into the wash with a stain on it, it comes out of the wash with said stain. I can’t help it. It’s just…ugh. Laundry is so joy-sucking you know? And the idea of pre-treating stains makes my soul hurt. Anyways. I hate it when I get an oil stain on my clothes because it usually means I can’t wear that item anymore. But this week, I read about a simple way to remove those pesky stains: chalk! That’s right! Just rub your stain with white chalk to cover, let it sit for an hour (or more, if you’re me), and launder as usual.

3. Do you have Instagram? It’s my favorite form of social media. I’ve followed the account, Personal Practice, for awhile now and it’s so incredible and refreshing. I love her improv dance videos, most of which look like they were shot in a pre-war, European apartment. Check her out. You won’t be sorry!

4. After my A Little Bit About Me post this week, I had a friend share the name of a new, all natural deodorant that had been featured on Shark Tank, called Piper WaiThis stuff sounds amazing. But, because of it’s new found popularity, it’s back ordered at a minimum of four weeks. I just can’t do that to the people in my life, so I started looking for a few alternatives I could order immediately while I wait on the Piper Wai. Has anyone used Primal Pit Paste or Schmidt brand deodorants? (For the record, my mind is still a little blown by this idea of deodorant “paste.” Also, I kinda just want to try the Schmidt brand because it makes me think of New Girl. File all this under: thoughts I have while searching on Amazon.)

5. Lately I’ve felt like I’m perpetually trying to wade through a life-sized bowl of jello. Ever have that feeling? I just feel like I’m moving slow, mentally and physically. And I keep having these feelings like I’m standing still and watching my life move around me at warp speed (“I feel like I’m running at an incredible rate, Harry!”).

I need sun. I need sand. I need to get lost some place I’ve never been before. I need to go for a run is soaring temperatures. Summer. Please hurry.

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. My husband and I like deodorant from Primal Life Organics. If you are ever in Fairlawn, I believe she sells it at Earth Fare too. I’ve tried Fat Face’s natural deodorant. It smelled amazing but it was not as effective. Can’t speak to the other two brands you mentioned.

    My favorite macron spot–Pistacia Vera in Columbus. So delicious.

    1. I just checked out Primal Life’s deodorant and I think I’m going to give it a try! I’m still curious about Pit Putty just because I’m intrigued by the idea of smearing something on my pits. I don’t know why…Thanks for the tip. And I’m going to C-but next weekend. I’ll att Pistacia Vera to my list!

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