Thursday Things I love: Photos of My Kids, Baby Hipsters, and Coffee

Do your kids watch Octonauts? It’s this show on Netflix that my kids love. Each episode teaches them about a new sea creature and it’s pretty clever. But dangit, those theme songs are catchy!

“Creature Report! Creature Report! We’re done with our mission, Octonauts at ease. Until the next adventure!!!!!!!!!!!”

It’s so embarrassing to be at the kitchen sink or in the shower and find myself muttering, “Creature report! Creature report!”

Well it’s Thursday, friends, and here in Ohio it’s gray and windy which is suuuuper inspiring.

When will it end???

Oh well. Until then, here is my weekly roundup of things I loved about my week. (Spoiler alert, the weather ain’t one of em.) Oh, and fun fact. The French word for rainy is “pluvieux.” Enjoy. 

This Dinner Companion



Ok, so it wasn’t actually fun to have Bea with us for dinner a few nights ago. She fussed and cried the whole time which means Mike and I ate our food in record time and left the restaurant sweaty and frustrated. But oh well. For some demented reason I love taking my kids out to eat with us. I love being out in public with them. I love that for 45 glorious minutes they bug another human being to bring them more water, more ketchup, more, more, more! I should feel more sympathetic for our waitresses than I do, but I’m too busy stuffing food I didn’t make into my mouth. (Just kidding; I feel bad for everyone who has to be around my kids at mealtime ;-). )

This Dinner


I love these guys! It was my cousin Jarod’s birthday, so we had a little dinner celebration at my house. We laughed, I served PB pie that looked ugly as heck but the guys assured me tasted ok, and the boys climbed on laps, begging for hugs and stories. It was a really good Saturday.

By now, Theo is more than accustomed to our weekly entertaining. Almost every morning he wakes up and asks, “who is coming over today?” I love it. I love that he expects to have people in our home. If you are ever wondering how to entertain with kids, my answer is a pretty simple one: just start doing it.

This Laughter


These two. So silly. They were really going for the deep belly laughs here. Those are the best, aren’t they?

This Play Date 


My Aunt Robin brought my cousin’s kids over for a play date this week. The kids get along really well, and it’s always fun to see them interact. There aren’t many little kids on either side of our family, so it’s special to me to see these little relationships grow.

This Little Hipster


Oliver just finds hats and puts them on and they always look amazing. He is so much cooler than his parents. How does this happen? I mean, he has our jeans after all…

This Piece of Art


I had a coffee date this week with a friend in a new, Scottish coffee shop that opened up in town. (Locals: Templeton’s is a must try!) I’m always so impressed when coffee shops do latte art – this means their machines aren’t automated, ie they pull their shots and steam their milk by hand, timing everything based on sight, feel, and sound. It is quite an art, and one that this former barista/huuuuge coffee lover greatly appreciates.

This Silouette


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