Thursday Things I Love: Sunshine, Good Food, & Little Joys

Sunshine has finally made it’s way to our corner of the world. Every day I keep waking up and half expecting to peek out our windows to see snow, but so far this week we’ve had glorious weather in the upper sixties. We have pretty rough winters here in Ohio, and this momma feels the wear and tear of being cooped up with her kids when it’s gray, gloomy, and cold outside. Summer is when we all come alive again! This week we ate dinner outside every night, the kids played outside daily, and we were able to celebrate our oldest’s birthday. It was a good week! Take a look at a few of my favorite things from this week.

this regular lunch spot


We ate outside for lunch most days this week. It’s so refreshing to be out in the sun. Plus, as a bonus, the kids can make a mess and I don’t have to worry about it. Being outside is amazing.

this amazing salad


Last week, I shared my meal plan that largely consisted of meals made up of recipes from the Minimalist Baker. I made her Mexican Quinoa Salad one night and SHUT UP was it good. So good. So, so  good. Stop what you’re doing and check this recipe out. You’ll want to add it to your rotation pronto.

this little cake eater


Poor Oliver. He was convinced it was his birthday this week. And this boy looooves to eat, let me tell you. I had the hardest time keeping him out of the cake!

this routine kitchen scene


Bea in the bath. Theo helping himself to a snack. These little moments bring so much joy.

this typical afternoon routine


I love cloth diapering. It adds to the daily laundry load but, I don’t know, there is just something about it that I really enjoy. Plus, laundry ain’t so bad since I’ve discovered pod casts.

this birthday treat


Theo wanted dinosaur eggs to take to preschool for his birthday treat, which meant I had to figure out how to make a dessert-like dinosaur egg. I saw someone on Pinterest made them out of rice crispy treats and thought that would be an easy and inexpensive choice.

I made the crispy treats as usual, but instead of spreading them in a pan I rolled them into balls, topped them with sprinkles (to be as historically accurate as possible), and wrapped them individually in plastic wrap. I then stuck the leftover stickers from Theo’s cake on the outside to continue the dinosaur theme.

this birthday tradition


The birthday celebrant gets the birthday goblet. It’s a fun thing.

this happy girl these happy girls


My heart basically beats outside of my chest every time I see her smile.

this special boy



this comfort food


Fun fact: oatmeal is one of my go-to comfort foods.

these messy eaters


I made them soup warmed up instant cup of noodles the other day because they had colds. They were struggling to get the last of the broth so I had the ingenious idea to give them straws. Theo had his for exactly five seconds before he started loading his straw with noodle bits, spit ball style, and shooting them at the wall, his brother, me. Oliver of course quickly followed suit. My children are animals.

this. just this.


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