Ordering Glasses Online: My Experience With Eye Buy Direct

Initially, I was intimidated to purchase glasses online. What if I didn’t like them? What if the glasses weren’t made of quality materials? What if they messed up my prescription? I had a lot of reservations. Especially since I have a strong prescription that includes a pretty severe stigmatism.

I looked at several online options: Zenni Optical, Warby Parker, and Eye Buy Direct. I immediately scratched Zenni off the list because they didn’t offer any “try on” options. Warby Parker sends you five pairs to keep and try on for five days, which was a step in the right direction, and also has a superb return policy. But, you won’t find any frames on their site for less than $95. Only Eye Buy Direct offers a variety of prices and a Fit & Style Guarantee. According to their site, this means: If you’re unhappy with your order, our Fit & Style Guarantee means you are eligible for a refund within 14 days of shipping or a replacement within 12 months. 

Whenever we sit down to create new frames, we always draw inspiration from the world around us. For RFLKT, we have taken our cue from contemporary architecture and design. Each frame and its name embody aspects of the modern cityscape. In our quest for quality, RFLKT frames boast premium materials and components designed in Italy and Germany.  (eyebuydirect website)

Ordering online is simple. You must have a current prescription from you optometrist, but once you have that in hand, the website is straight forward with plenty of easy to understand prompts to complete your order. Additionally, the website is designed with helpful hints and tips to make sure you fill out the form correctly.Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.15.03 PM.png

Once you’ve made your selection, you are updated regularly about the progress of yours lens. I received several email communications informing me the status of my order. As promised, I received my glasses two weeks from the time I ordered them. Not only do I appreciate the speedy turn around, but this order was completed despite the fact that I spent a day going back and forth with customer service, making sure my lens weren’t going to be too heavy.

Like I mentioned, I have a very strong prescription. After placing my order, I was concerned that I didn’t choose the lightest lens options, so I reached out to customer service. Although I wasn’t able to get through to any customer service representative via phone, I was able to resolve the issue satisfactorily through email. The correct lens (lighter and thinner!) were chosen, and the whole process didn’t seem to slow down my order.

I chose two pairs from their RFLKT series: Prism frames in chestnut, and the Nostalgia frames in charcoal. I loved their clean lines and unique colors.Each pair came in it’s own case, along with a cloth to clean your lens and a tool to tighten frame screws. All of this came packaged in the simple yet lovely cardboard boxes that you see above. IMG_2440

The Nostalgia frames are dressy and a tad bit retro. I love the bold style of the frames, and the silver metal arms are a nice touch. They have nose pads, which I haven’t had on glasses in years. But I’m enjoying them because they keep the frames from sliding down my face. These frames are the perfect blend of stylishness and professionalism.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

The Prism frames are comfortable and classic with a twist. I LOVE the chestnut color. It’s a soft, unique color that stands out without actually being bold. Soft, yet striking. I tend to wear these as more “casual” frames, but truly, each pair could be dressed up or down.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Eye Buy Direct’s website has a feature that allows you to upload a picture of yourself to virtually “try on” your frames before you order them. If you are wondering how accurate this experience is, I would say, very. It was immediately obvious to me which frames wouldn’t suit my face. How the frames looked on me virtually was a very accurate representation of how they looked in real life.

I’m so excited to offer you, His Girl Friday readers, a chance to get new frames of your own – at a discount! Eye Buy Direct is offering you a 20% discount off of your entire order of up to six frames! (This does not include shipping costs, however. One time use per customer.) Simply enter the coupon code at checkout!

Find your perfect frames at www.eyebuydirect.com

coupon code: HisGirlxEBD

I’m very pleased with my experience with Eye Buy Direct. I loved that I was able to try on my glasses virtually, and I felt confident with my selection knowing that they offer a Fit & Style guarantee. They offer a wide selection of styles and prices, allowing customers to find frames that suit their style and fit their budget. I was pleased with the outcome of my customer service experience in rectifying my lens concern, and the website was simple to use. I will be a repeat customer for certain.

Additionally, my husband also ordered frames. The frames I ordered were part of a collaboration between His Girl Friday and Eye Buy Direct. The frames my husband ordered, were not part of any such collaboration. He chose and ordered his frames the same as any other customer. His experience? Just as simple and satisfactory.IMG_1674IMG_1675

I love how unique his frames are, don’t you?! The bottom pair have a partially wood-grained frame and the top pair are the coolest shade of green. Love!

Eye Buy Direct also makes sunglasses and my husband and I agree, we will have to look into those next!


This post was sponsored and written in collaboration with Eye Buy Direct. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Ordering Glasses Online: My Experience With Eye Buy Direct

    1. Thank you Whitney! I was really pleased with the wide range of options to choose from. I really believe anyone could find multiple pairs that they’d be happy with! I would definitely encourage anyone who needs glasses to give them a try. Mike has a very straight forward prescription. When we bought his glasses a few years ago we paid several hundred for one pair – yikes! He paid less than $100 for both his pairs combined from Eye Buy Direct! Yay for savings on cool things ;-).

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