Thursday Things I Love: Legos, Family Movie Nights, and Tiny Humans

It’s been a week of major ups and downs. I don’t know about you, but I hate that sort of mental and emotional yo-yoing (yes it’s a verb). You know what would fix that? The beach. And the sun. And sand. I feel it callllling me. We have no plans to hit the beach this summer but, so help me, I’m on the verge of packing up the family and just driving til we hit ocean.

But, as always, there were plenty of highlights from this week. A day does not go by that does not contain some form of goodness. Here are a few snap shots from my week.

these flowers


Vivianne, the former and original owner of the home we now live in, planted daffodils all over our back yard. I take so much pleasure in seeing those bursts of color spring up each year. Every year I’m torn between letting their beauty go undisturbed, and dying to snip off a few buds for my dining table. The other day, I saw quite a few stems laying on the ground. Why, I’m not sure. But I took the opportunity to snatch them up and bring them inside. I love the feathery all yellow ones.

this movie night


We had a family movie night and it was so much fun. We needed to just be together. At home. With no where to go. Mike made popcorn. We threw blankets and pillows together on the floor for cozy seating. We let Theo stay up past his bedtime. It wasn’t anything fancy or life changing – just exactly what we needed. Also, Theo let me cuddle him for like 2 minutes. So yeah. It was a good night.

this little light of mine


Beatrice means ‘one who brings great joy,’ and let me tell you, this little girl lives up to her name. She brings so much light and joy to everyone. I love taking her out with me; I feel so honored to watch as people spot her, stop, and suddenly break out in the biggest smile. How could they not? There is so much joy inside of her, and it shines as bright as the sun!

this magical gift


My good friend mailed Theo a birthday gift. After a lot of yipping and tearing open the package, suddenly, there was silence. Silence. From all three of them. Legos, man. Legos.

this sad goodbye


This was my car all through college. This was the car Mike and I took on our honeymoon. This is the car we traveled to and from the NICU in each day for one month before finally brining Theo home. The stories. The miles! Sadly, the Focus in no more. It’s the end of an era!

this sweet story time


Theo brings home a weekly “book” that he puts together at preschool. Here, he is reading to Oliver. I melt each time I see this photo for two reasons. One, Theo really thinks he is one of the preschool teachers. He tells me each week about “his kids.” And two, Oliver adores his big brother so much and you can just see how he looks up to him in interactions like this. These boys. They are so mean to each other. So rough! But there are plenty of good moments, too.

this kitchen victory


I taught myself to roll sushi this week. Confetti was thrown. There was cheering. I took several victory laps around the kitchen. Then I ate all the sushi. Then I made more shushi.

these three people


I don’t know what to say about this photo that hasn’t already been said. These little human being are so great and absolutely mean the world to me. I’m so proud of them. I mean, they are really, really great people.

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