Five Things

1.  If you’ve hung around His Girl Friday for awhile, then you know my family loves to travel with Airbnb. (The photo above is from our last Airbnb adventure in Tybee Island!) Airbnb allows you to stay in unique places that you’d never get to experience if you stayed in hotels. I read recently read: “Starting this June, it’s officially possible to Airbnb the adorable little “vacation” cottage in the French countryside where Julia Child used to cook and entertain with her hubby from 1963 to 1992″ (from  How cool would that be???

2. Have you seen the Vogue 73 Question interviews? I’m obsessed with them. Until recently, my favorite one was with the ever lovely Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodnsen!). But then, I watched the latest one with Taylor Swift and I have to say. Love. It. I was surprised. I’ve never been the biggest T-Swizzle fan, but I was impressed by what I saw in the short interview.

3. One of my favorite youtube yogis is Yoga by Candace. She creates these fantastic yoga graphics that really break down the basics of a pose, so that you don’t just visually see what goes into a pose, but you can also learn more about the alignment and proper technique.

4. My husband and I love going on simple yet unique dates. We’ve had to be super creative in the past; It’s not easy to go on dates when you get married in college (aka you’re super broke). I saw this list of free date ideas and thought of the good old days where our date nights included a trip to the local library and a midnight stroll around town. I find most date night lists to be either cheesy or unoriginal, but this one had a few cute suggestions. I especially liked the idea to go camping in your backyard. We tried that once. But we didn’t have a tent. We woke up the next morning completely soaked with dew. Ahh. Good memories :-).

5. I listened to a Radio Lab podcast about a baby born at 23 weeks and 6 days gestation. It was a moving story, and nearly to the end, I was feeling emotional. Then, they said that this sweet little baby, Juniper, turned five in April. Cue the waterworks. My little preemie turned five in April!

It’s hard to explain why I feel the way I do, five years later. But one thing is for sure. I’m so dang proud of that kid. Wow, has he come a long way. And wow, have things changed! The other day, he gave me a bag that he made at preschool. It was for Mother’s day.  It had little flowers on the front, made from his hand print.

He didn’t even tell me he had it. I discovered it when I went to empty his back pack that night. I pulled it out and asked him what it was: “It’s for you! For Mother’s day,” he said. And that’s all it took. I started to cry. I didn’t even mean to, and I was a little surprised that I felt so sentimental. It’s just…wow. Here we are. I never saw myself in this stage of life. The stage where I’m home with kids and one of them is about to go to school. Yet…here we are. And it’s so much harder than I ever imagined. And I feel so frustrated by how much it requires of me. And I feel so happy to be doing what I’m doing. And it feels so surreal that these little people call me “mom.” And it all started with this teeny tiny little baby.

Love doesn’t have to be this big thing, you know. It doesn’t have to be fully realized and formed in order to be real. It doesn’t even have to be understood. Sometimes love is the smallest of things. Like a little baby that weighs barely anything at all. But that little bit of love can grow into some of the most incredible things. Small love, can grow in big ways.

Happy Friday, my loves. ~ Be love. Grow love.


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