Thursday Things I Love: New Yoga Mats, Baby Rompers, & Field Trips

this visit


All three of my kiddos with their Pop-Pop at his shop. I have so many good memories of visiting my dad at his shop, so this was kinda cool to see.

this stylish sista



these little puppies


This is Bowie, my brother’s dog. I don’t know who acts more like who – Theo like Bowie, or Bowie like Theo. They are seriously twins.
this garage sale find


I scored this adorable vintage romper at our neighbor’s garage sale last weekend.

this sweet little cupcake


I just can’t even. I bought this dress from Etsy and I think it’s about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Check that. She is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. The dress is darling though, isn’t it?!?

these kitchen helpers


I hosted another edition of in the kitchen with frick and frack this week. As always, they made a huge mess. And, as always, we had a ton of fun ;-).

this purifying moment


I did my DIY charcoal mask the other day and immediately after putting it on I had to run outside and deal with the boys who were up to no good. Of course.

It was interesting, though. My skin felt so incredible out in the cool afternoon. The mask instantly started drying faster and, call me crazy, but it felt so purifying. Is that weird? Bonus for looking like some kind of warrior princess.

this surprising napper


Oliver takes his naps in our room, where we have a  crib set up. It was just best to contain the beast, if you know what I mean. The other day, I snuck into our room during nap time to grab a sweater and found Oliver, not only out of the crib, but in our bed! Little stinker. It was cute, though. I just don’t know what provoked it! And *sigh* I guess this means he can get out of the crib on his own now. It’s the end of an era.

this new mat


I picked up this rad new yoga mat the other day for dirt cheap. I love it. But I would love it more if it were a napping mat rather than a yoga mat. Hashtag, I’m so tired.

these special lunch dates


I wanted to treat Oliver to lunch yesterday while his brother was away on a field trip, so I put Bea in my Moby Wrap and Oliver in the stroller and the three of us walked up to our local Subway. We grabbed Oliver and sandwich to go and then found a bench in the park to enjoy some sunshine while he ate. It was nice. We will all miss Theo when he goes to kindergarten, but it will be nice to be able to shift some of my attention to Oliver and Bea. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, right? (Who remembers that song?!)

this big-little preschooler


Theo went on his first “big” field trip to the zoo yesterday with his preschool. They road a bus for an extended period of time. He took a packed lunch. He got to pal around with his best bud telling fart jokes. He saw penguins! I love absolutely everything about seeing Theo grow up. He is one incredible little boy. Gosh. This is fun. It really is.

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