Fashion Show Fun!

I recently attended a local fashion show, hosted by P. Graham Dunn. PGD has been a Wayne County, Ohio mainstay since the family owned and operated business opened in 1976. PGD, famous for their ornamental wood carvings of cute sayings and Bible verses and wooden clocks, is not a retailer that I would have expected to host a fashion show – let along carry their own boutique of on trend clothes and accessories.

I hadn’t been in PGD for several years, as their home decor style didn’t fit my personal taste. To say I was shocked when I walked in last week for the fashion show is a serious understatement. The word “flabbergasted” comes to mind.

Sure, you’ll still find the engraved wooden clocks, plaques, and cutting boards that made PGD famous, but now, you’ll also find Threads Boutique. Threads is a refreshing change of pace from the run of the mill, unimaginative pieces you’ll find at big box retailers. The pieces are fun and modern, with up to date styles and prints. Threads not only offers a great selection of clothing, but also purses, clutches, accessories, and shoes. All at prices that make the boutique an affordable option.IMG_2818IMG_2823IMG_2822IMG_2819

Angie Reeder, Buyer and Merchandiser for Threads Boutique and the Event Coordinator for the fashion show, said that Threads was started in 2013 “to expand P Graham Dunn’s gift offerings and appeal to a wider customer base.”IMG_2816

It was Reeder who dreamed up the idea to host a fashion show. “I wanted to do the fashion show for a couple of reasons,” Reeder said.

 “I love fashion. This is my true passion.”

“I’ve worked in retail long enough to know that people like to see outfits already put together for inspiration. Sometimes it’s hard to look at a rack of clothing and see an outfit come to life. This way we were able to show people how to do this with the clothes in our boutique.”

The fashion show, dubbed “Style & Grace,” included Guest Speaker, and current Miss Ohio, Sarah Hider. Hider talked about the media’s tendency to objectify women. She asked audience members to think of something they liked about themselves that isn’t related to their image. “Don’t let the media strip you of that,” Hider encouraged the women in the room. As Miss Ohio, Hider’s platform is body image. She seeks to empower women of all ages to be fearless and to care more about what’s on the inside of a person. IMG_2765

Hider’s journey has included time with such fashion high rollers as Versace and Nordstrom, but she comes from beginnings that are more humble than high fashion. When she first competed for Miss Ohio, she only bough an evening gown. The rest of her clothes were things she already had in her closet.

Hider’s speech reflected another motivation behind the fashion show: to show stylish women living through the grace of God. Reeder said she wanted to show women that “You can be super cute and modest at the same time. Dress in a way that is appropriate for you age, lifestyle, and job.”

To highlight her message, Reeder chose Proverbs 31:25  for the fashion show’s theme verse: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”

The looks that came down the runway were so fun and fresh, and I loved that Reeder chose a variety of styles to fit every budget and body type. This was truly a fashion show for women who love clothes and want to have fun with their wardrobe – any woman, any age, any shape. It felt like a celebration of women, which is part of what made it so special. That and the fact that the clothes are just so great.

Currently, Threads Boutique does not have an online ordering option, but Reeder says that is coming soon. For updates and continued outfit inspiration, you can follow the boutique on Instagram under the handle: THREADSPGD.


I asked Reeder for one piece of fashion advice that she would give. I saw a lot of great styling ideas on the runway, and was curious what her go-to tip would be. Her response?

“Never forget your worth. Women get so criticized about our shape, size, color, hairstyle, and so on. Don’t forget we are daughters of our Heavenly Father and in his eyes we are perfect! Dress to make yourself feel beautiful. Find that outfit that give you confidence and rock your own runway!”

From the fashionista herself, a fashion tip that will never go out of style.

Miss Ohio, Sarah Hider, and the author, His Girl Friday

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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