Thursday Things I Love: House Plants, Errands With My Boy, and Being Here

this thank-you gift


My friend gave me this sweet little cup of succulents as a thank you. Isn’t that just the loveliest thank you gift ever?

these little chefs


Frick and Frack were at it again, this time making coconut-blueberry pancakes for lunch. First of all, this pancake recipe made, hands down, the best pancakes I’ve had in a long time. And second, these two are such nut jobs, but gosh do I love having them in the kitchen with me. I really hope they look back on these times in the kitchen together with fondness. I know I sure will.

these silly lunch dates


Each day. Errrday.

this major blessing


I’ve posted a few times about my horrible allergies. You can read some of those posts here and here. I’be been plagued with sinus infections and subsequent antibiotic for years. This year, spring has brought it’s usual onslaught of allergy symptoms, but thanks to my new natural health routines, I’m so grateful to say that I’ve not been on an antibiotic yet!

I did have one particularly brutal day this week where I had to call in reinforcements to help with the kids, but even then, I was able to fight my symptoms with a combination of over the counter antihistamines and my natural remedies. I’m so grateful! I’ll be posting my updated natural health routine next week, so stay tuned if you too suffer from allergies and sinus infections!

this little errand buddy


Theo ran errands with me one day and our first stop was one of my favorite places in Wooster – the used book store. I loved browsing side-by-side with my little bookworm!

this new project


Next on our list was another local favorite – our health food store. I stocked up on ingredients for my latest all natural adventure: making my own soap, deodorant, baby salve, baby powder, and bubble bath! I’ll be posting these recipes in the weeks to come!

this old-but-new favorite


The final stop on our errand adventure was to treat ourselves to a cookie (and coffee for me) at an old favorite in a new location. Spoon, a delicious spot for baked goods, breakfast, or lunch, just re-opened in their new location in downtown Wooster. The space is SO cool. Theo and I had so much fun exploring the new location, eating yummy cookies, and bonding over our mutual love of being out and about with people.

this wild bunch


One day, my friend called me to say she was in a pinch and needed help with her kids – her three kids – and would I help her out? I said sure, why not? That afternoon, I spent my time wrangling six kids ages five and under. Oh my. What a wild ride that was!

I never in a million years would have said yes to this request as little as just a few months ago. But, having Bea, our third baby, has changed me in so many ways. It’s true what they say about that third baby forcing you to “let go.” I needed that life lesson.

I can be such a “big picture” person that I often times let what’s right in front  of me weigh me down because I also see what’s next. But slowly, I’m learning to just lean in to the here and now. What’s next will come, but I don’t need to worry about that yet.

Mary Oliver said something along the lines of needing to only stand where she was to be blessed. I love that. Processing what has already happened or planning for what might/will happen is seriously overrated.

And now, a little haiku for your reading pleasure:

yesterday is gone
tomorrow not yet arrived
breathe, and be here now

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: House Plants, Errands With My Boy, and Being Here

  1. Your kids will undoubtedly look back on your kitchen times with warm memories!!! I loved spending time in the kitchen with my mom, and I think it also gave me confidence as a person. If you can follow directions and make stuff, there’s a lot you can do in life. 🙂 Plus you get to lick the beaters.

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