Easy and Inexpensive DIY Bath, Body, & Baby Products

Last week, I made a bunch of all natural, DIY bath, body, and beauty products. I did quite a bit of research to find recipes that had ingredients that were simple, inexpensive, and could be used interchangeably. I had so much fun with this project. I love the idea that they are simple, good for our bodies, and that I can make them myself! Today, I’ll be sharing the recipes for:

I love soaking in the tub and take a bath about once a week. In the past, I’ve always soaked in a combination of epsom salts, oils, and an all natural bath bomb or clay mix. But there’s one thing those don’t offer: bubbles. It is really difficult to purchase an all natural bubble bath. In fact, I’m yet to find one that doesn’t have a fragrance, a synthetic color, or some life-preserving chemical in it. There might have been a time where I would have sacrificed natural ingredients for a good bubble bath, but now, I’ve got a new tub buddy and it’s just too important to me that I give her body natural goodness whenever I can. 


I don’t have a photo of my shampoo because, honestly, it doesn’t look that exciting. It does work though, and I’m sold on making it myself. At first, I thought it was making my hair greasy and filmy…then Mike informed me that he forgot to refill the salt tank for our water softener. A fresh bag of salt and two days later, and my hair was lovin life.


I love my all natural deodorant. I don’t know why it works so well, it just does. I’ve used store bought deodorants for years even thought they don’t really work. I just bought them because they didn’t have the aluminum. I wish I would have tried to make mine sooner!

One note, I followed Wellness Mama’s recipe with one exception: I used all arrowroot, no baking soda. Baking soda can cause some major skin-reactions in people, and I found that it’s just not necessary. Also, I don’t love the scent of my deodorant, but that’s just because I kinda threw some essential oils in all willy nilly. I’ll continue to refine that process in future batches.

Mike has used my homemade deodorant with great success. We are both huge sweaters, unfortunately. The thing that is so bad in regular deodorant is the stuff that makes it antiperspirant. So, natural deodorants do allow you to still sweat. You need your pits to breath. Buuuuut. I stay drier with this natural deodorant than I did when I was using my manly man stuff. Why? Well, I think it’s because I’ve allowed my body to return to it’s own rhythm. It’s like the difference between wearing a cotton top or a polyester top – one lets your skin breath and naturally stay cool and dry, one stifles you and creates a sweaty, stinky, hot mess.

Oh! This deodorant is cool because it is spread like a cream. I like it that way. I can control the coverage way better and there is no crumbly mess on your pits. Winning.


This diaper cream. You guys. It’s so good. I want to slather it all over myself. And sometimes I do! It’s so dreamy. I looked at a lot of recipes and threw something together based on the ingredients I had and wanted to use. Here is what I did:

I melted 1/2 C (about) of coconut oil and 1/4 C unrefined shea butter in a double boiler. I added 1/4 C total of a blend of dried calendula and chamomile flowers. I kept the heat on the lowest setting and allowed this mixture to steep for about an hour. Then, I poured it into a coffee filter to filter out the dried flowers. To the oils I mixed in a few tablespoons of arrowroot until I got the consistency I liked.

I’ve read that you can use an immersion blender to “whip” your diaper cream, but I don’t have one that is dedicated to just this purpose. I still use mine for, you know, soup and stuff. Never the less, this cooled and firmed up into the loveliest, creamiest salve. I’m glad that I didn’t add any beeswax like other recipes called for, because that would have been too hard for my preference.



We use cloth diapers most of the time, but ironically, in these photos, Oliver is in a disposable because of a rash. The thing that has helped keep him drier is this stuff right here, the baby powder. It was so simple and smells divine. I’m going to play around with the recipe and make myself a dusting powder!

For the baby powder, I just processed dried chamomile and calendula flowers in my (clean) coffee grinder, then mixed it with arrowroot powder. This mixture went into a glass spice container that I recycled. That’s it! So easy.

***A note about why I chose these ingredients.

I chose these recipes because they had simple, inexpensive ingredients that could create a variety of products. Coconut oil is anti-fungal. In addition to being anti-fungal, shea butter is anti-inflammatory and contains yeast killing properties (as long as it’s raw).  It additionally promotes collagen production in your skin. I added the Palmarosa essential oil to my deodorant and cream because it “stimulates new cell growth, moisturizes skin, and regulates oil production.” (retrieved from diynatural.com) Dried calendula and chamomile flowers are healing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

What about you? Any homemade body/baby/bath product makers out there? I’d love to hear from you what you make or maybe, what you’d like to try and make after reading this post!


4 thoughts on “Easy and Inexpensive DIY Bath, Body, & Baby Products

  1. I love all these ideas! I’ve been so lazy as of late, especially without my kitchen. Once things finally are back to normal, I plan to try these all out!

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