The Natural Ways I Prevent & Fight Sinus Infections

I’ve suffered from allergies for as long as I can remember, and where allergies go, sinus infections seem to follow. I used to get one bad sinus infection per year. But then, in my late twenties, that number sky rocketed. I was going to the doctor and prescribed heavy doses of antibiotics every three months. I was absolutely miserable for 2-3 weeks, four times a year. What a nightmare! I hated being sick, yes, but I also hated being on the antibiotics. What’s more, I was so frustrated that we kept fighting the symptoms, not the problem. I wanted to prevent the sinus infections all together!

I can’t tell you the many, many hours I’ve spent researching this subject. I’m no expert by any means, I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a lap top, asking Google to help her not get so sick.

I’ve tried so many different things, but finally, I think I’m on to something that really works to prevent and fight sinus infections, 100% naturally.  I did get very sick when I was pregnant with Bea with one doozy of a sinus infection, but that is an anomaly because in pregnancy, all bets are off. Your body throws you to the proverbial wolves in an effort to protect your baby, so when you get sick, you get really sick. But even then, that was eight months ago. EIGHT!

Based on the rate I was going, I should have had 2-3 sinus infections between then and now, but I haven’t had a single one. I’ve struggled with allergy symptoms, sure, I’ve felt the beginnings of an infection, absolutely, but I’ve fought it off with my new all natural routine, keeping myself out of the doctor’s office, off an antibiotic, and feeling so much better. Seriously. I can’t even tell you how much better I feel. It’s like I’m a new person.

still experience allergy symptoms and I still feel my body start to fill up and battle the urge to go into a full blown sinus infection. I feel the sinus pressure, my ears fill up, my jaw and teeth hurt, my balance goes out the window and I start running into furniture (I wish I was joking but, sadly, this is a real thing). I also start to slur my speech a little. Why, I have absolutely no idea. It’s so weird.

Upon much reflection and self awareness, I now realize that there is one additional symptom I experience when I start to fight a sinus infection: depression. Nothing serious, what I would call “the blues,” but still – it’s real. I don’t know the medical or psychological reasoning behind this, but as the pressure in my head increases, my mood plummets.

It has been important for me to recognize this. It’s been helpful for me to understand that maybe there is an actual, physical reason behind my mood, and I can do some things to help it.

Curious about what I’ve been doing? Read on, sinus sufferers!


I take apple cider vinegar capsules every morning. You can read about that here.

When I feel a sinus infection coming on, I take Astragalus Root because it stimulates the immune system, has anti viral/anti bacterial properties, and has anti inflammatory properties that inhibits the release of histamines in the body, making it a great way to fight allergies (which I’ve discovered are the cause behind my sinus infections).

Ideally, I’d like to take Astragalus Root daily. But the recommended dose is three capsules  which would mean I’d have to buy it on a monthly basis. That isn’t in the budget right now. But that’s ok; It’s proven to be effective at helping stop on coming illness in it’s tracks, as long as I take it as soon as I notice my symptoms.


If you take nothing else away from the post, I urge you to buy yourself a neti pot, especially if you suffer from allergies/sinus infections. I’m starting to understand that allergies cause congestion in my nasal passages, then that congestion creates an unhealthy environment in my sinuses, allowing infection to set in. By using my neti pot every day (Yes, every day!), I keep my sinuses cleared of allergens and congestion, helping my body fight off not just sinus infections, but allergy symptoms as well! You can ready a very helpful article on neti pot use HERE.


In my post about making my own kombucha, I mentioned that a lot of current research has shown that a wide variety of health issues stem from an unhealthy gut environment. Kombucha is a great way to maintain the healthy bacteria you need in your body, while simultaneously fighting the bad. I started drinking kombucha regularly during this period of lessened sinus issues, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence!

There you have it! In addition to using my neti pot, taking the supplements, and drinking kombucha, I’ve found it helpful to continue to do yoga and drink plenty of water. If bending over cause painful pressure in my head, then I’ll keep my yoga practice simple and stick to more restorative poses. If I really start to feel horrible, I will take an over the counter antihistamine, but I use this as a last resort. I don’t take one on a regular basis.

That’s it! I hope you’ve found this post informative and helpful. I always love hearing other people’s suggestions for how they treat their allergy symptoms and sinus infections naturally. One friend of mine says she puts probiotics in her neti pot and has found chiropractic care to help alleviate sinus pressure. What about you? Any other tips out there?

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