Thursday Things I Love: 5Ks, Haircuts, and Family

Oh, it’s been a good week. Busy. A little unpredictable. And full of some crazy challenges. But a good week none-the-less. Take a look:

This Special RelationshipIMG_3060

My dear friend Sheila is just the best. I love her to pieces, as my southern family would say. Last year, when I found out that Bea was going to be a Bea and not a Bob (not a name we would have choses, but you get the point), we were so excited to get to do mother-daughter type things with out little girls, especially for Mothers’ Day.

This year, though, instead of going out for a mother-daughter date, we chose to run the Aruna Run 5K which raises money to free and sustain freedom for those enslaved in the sex industry in South Asia.

It was so meaningful for me to run with my friend and fellow momma. It was meaningful to run as mothers of daughters. It was meaningful to run as our way of celebrating women.

Each runner is given a name of a girl – who is still enslaved – to run for. I was given Priya’s name.

As I was making my final dash for the finish line, my sticker with Priya’s name started to peel up. I kept patting it back down, but it refused to stay put. Eventually, as I was just a few yards away from the finish, I yanked it off and crumpled it up.

In that moment, I knew. It was a sign that Priya would in fact be freed. I prayed a final prayer, thanking God for bringing awareness of Priya’s life and struggle, and thanked God for showing me that he would accomplish freedom in her life.

You can disagree with me, or chalk it up to coincidence, but I don’t really believe in coincidences.

It was a cold and rainy day, and I had only run a handful of times since having Beatrice, but it was such a good experience. It felt good to run with my friend: for our daughters, who are fortunate enough to know freedom, and for all the daughters we pray will one day be set free.

This delicious post-race treatIMG_3062

Post 5k, we headed to one of our favorite cafes for doughnuts…and coffee…aaaaand I also had a delicious breakfast sandwich made on a homemade, jalapeno-cheddar bagel. Yum. The food was amazing and the conversation uplifting.

Doughnuts! Is there nothing they can’t do?

-Homer Simpson

(I bet you never expected me to mention God and Homer Simpson in a post, did ya?! (wink))

This meeting buddyIMG_3088IMG_3089IMG_3093IMG_3092

This week I had a meeting scheduled at Tulipán, a fanstasic little Hungarian bakery and coffee shop in downtown Wooster that we just so happened to live above a few years ago. In fact, we lived there when we had Theo.

I took Theo and his backpack full of books with me to the meeting. Side note, one new development now that we have three kids is that I always have someone with me.



I just had to take a photo of Theo standing next to what used to be our “front door.” Such good memories.

Also, I would like to say that I took a photo of the beautiful macarons, but I resisted eating the macarons. I drank a giant French press of coffee, instead ;-).

This mental health breakIMG_3095IMG_3115IMG_3098IMG_3106IMG_3109

On Mothers’ Day (two weeks ago) it was sunny and 70º. Last Sunday it was 30º and snowy. I was so, so depressed. Ugh. Ohio. Get your act together already!!!

I love our home. I love our community of family and friends. But sometimes…sometimes I just really, really hate living here. I just do. Sunday was one of those days. I had to get out of our house, out of our town, and into a better mood. As per usual, we headed to Cleveland, aka my happy place. I just love it there. Good food, good music, and the classic big city vibe in a small town kinda way.

We hit up Sweet Moses, an old school soda fountain turned ice cream shop. Oliver and I split coffee ice cream smothered in caramel, Theo devoured his Belgian chocolate cone, Mike ate a classic sundae made with salted caramel ice cream, and Bea sat on my lap bouncing and cooing and trying her darndest to get a taste (she did not).

Afterwards, we walked up to a coffee shop because ice cream without coffee is just ridiculous. We headed towards the lake. We drove around, taking in the skyline. We came home happy, and refreshed.

This little yoga babyIMG_3140

It was warm one day this week (one, ONE! GAH!) and I enjoyed yoga on our patio with my little Bea. Loved every second of it for obvious reasons.

This birthday partyIMG_3141

We had a little birthday gathering to celebrate my dad this week. What a crew!

This big-boy haircut (and proud mom moment)IMG_3155IMG_3144IMG_3156IMG_3158IMG_3162

Theo’s first real haircut. The amazing, handsome boy that he is. The rock-star feeling of taking all three of your kids out for one kid’s haircut. Your little boy mimicking your big boy because he just admires him so dang much. Accomplishing this and lunch all before preschool.  All. The. Feelings.

These sweet little succulentsIMG_3065

Thanks to some inspiration from IG and a thoughtful gift from a friend of mine, Theo and I made these sweet little succulent filled bowls for his preschool teachers.

This new kitchen helperIMG_3127

Oliver loves to be in the kitchen just as much as his brother. This week, while Theo was outside playing, Oliver chose to be with me and helped me whip up a batch of my homemade vegan sausages. I know they won’t always love the same things, but I’m so happy that they both love to cook with me. Like, so happy.


My hands are full. Our days are full. But oh, our hearts. Our hearts are so, full.


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