Friday Five

1. I learned the coolest thing this week! Did you know the pine tips/buds on all pine trees are edible? Did you know they are also high in vitamin C? I didn’t! Well, now I do, and now you do too! Apparently you can eat the pine needles too, but I stuck to foraging the fresh green pine tips that were still tender and soft. Theo and I taste tested them right then and there, and I’ve got to tell you, the experience was pretty cool. Standing there in the sun, wearing Bea in my wrap and Oliver playing beside us, with the birds singing and Theo and I eating pine buds for goodness sake. Hashtag, is this even real life?

We took the buds inside and I immediately made Theo and I some pine tip tea with a little bit of honey. All pine trees taste differently, but the good ones taste bright and citrusy. The tree we have in our back yard – yet to be identified – had a bright pine taste and a subtle citrus aftertaste. It was dreamy.

I took the rest of the buds, added them to a pot with half a lime, fresh mint leaves, a handful of dried hibiscus that I just had lying around (because suddenly I’m that girl), and 1/4 C of sugar. I steeped the mixture for about a 1/2 hour, cooled it, and voila! A gorgeous, home brewed iced tea. Here is a cool article with additional information and two killer recipes for fresh pine tips. Enjoy!IMG_3235IMG_3240

2. I was so, so sad to hear the my favorite blogger, Hey Natalie Jean, is ending her 10 year old blog. She inspired my writing, my wardrobe, and even a bit of my lifestyle. She will be sorely missed. Go check out her blog while it’s still up.

3. I’ve been writing down all the sweet and funny ways the kids greet Beatrice when they see her. So far, these are my favorite:

Theo: Hello Beatrice! How’s my best girl?

Oliver: Hello Jelllllo! (I still have no idea why they call her Beatrice Jello! LOL)

4. I’ve been really thinking hard this week about what I want to keep in my life and what it’s time to say goodbye to. It’s all part of my “yes year.” In order to say yes to the important things, I have to be serious about saying no to the not-so-important things. But, this also requires taking a hard look at what falls into the “important” category and what fall into the “not-so-important” category.

It’s all good to think through, though. It causes me to be much more intentional. One thing that is absolutely in my yes category? Being a mom to my three kiddos. I’m really loving it in such a new way. My eyes have been opened and my heart refreshed through this exercise. I’m so fortunate to have these wonderful little people to get to say yes to, day in and day out.

5. Theo graduated preschool this week. Huzzah! Hooray! Hallelujah!

Seriously though. Thank. The. Lord.

You know how moms always get to the end of one stage of their kid’s life and are all like “Awww. It went by so fast. I feel like it was only yesterday that we…”

Nope. Uh-huh. Not me. This preschool business has been the schedule from hades and I’m like doing heel clicks and throwin confetti because it’s o-va! And not a moment too soon. Peace out preschool.

Preschool has been great for Theo. And now summer will be great for all of us.

Happy Friday, tator tots. See ya on Monday.

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