Thursday Things I Love: New Shoes, Kind Strangers, & Friends Who Deliver Pizza

It’s Thursday, and I’m the kind of tired that makes me want to go back in time and slap my pre-baby self every time I complained about being “tired” or about feeling “stressed.” Oh, how little did I know. Motherhood. The mother of all trump cards. (No, not that Trump.)

Theo made it through his surgery just fine and returned home groggy and sore, but with energy to spare, God bless ’em. This week has been cray-cray to the max, but I’m proud of us – all of us – for how we’ve handled it. You can’t plan your life to perfection, you can just live the heck out of it with as much grace (all the definitions) and courage you can muster.


Here’s the roundup of things I’ve loved from this week:

This celebration cake


Theo wrapped up his preschool year and around here, we celebrate with food. We celebrate real hard, with food. I had some fresh rhubarb from my aunt, which I turned into a celebration crumb cake. I didn’t find any rhubarb recipes that made me too excited, so I used this recipe for cherry crumb cake and just subbed rhubarb for the cherries and hello, was it good.

These shoes


I needed a new pair of comfy summer shoes and found these beauties on the clearance rack. They were the brand I love, my size, and with the coupon I had I paid less than $5. Five dollars! That’s crazy cheap. They are kinda making my life right now.

This girl


This girl is so cuddly and squishy and gosh I just love every inch of her.

This phase


I love this picture so much. I mean, I love how gorgeous my Bea is, and I love how it’s so representative of who we are. I love wearing my babies, and Bea has been such a joy to wear on my chest while I’m outside, adventuring with my boys. My days with the kids aren’t all rainbows and sunshine, so don’t be mislead, but we really do have fun together despite the typical hard stuff. We go together like pb&j; all soft and smooshed together – gettin all up in each other’s business in an uncomfortable yet delicious way. A way that you love, but don’t want to look too closely at, because it’s really not perfect. But did I mention it was delicious?

This sweet little boy


He was picking me flowers, here. Oliver is going through a bit of a rough patch lately. A bit of the terrible twos stemming from his desire to communicate, his being pushed around by his brother, and things happening that he doesn’t quite understand. But he is still the sweetest. And gosh is it true what they say – boys really do love their mommies in a special way!

This crew


This is how I get things done: I send the boys outside to play, put Bea in a pack-and-play on the patio, and tend to my flowers, do some outdoor yoga, or read a book.

This creative mind


I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Theo grew up to become an architect. He dug up all these bricks from our back yard, hauled them to the patio, and then constructed this building which he told me was the place where he was going to get his tonsils out – a building that he had only been in once before. He remembers everything and has a desire to build, create, and understand how things work. He is fascinating to watch work.

This budding relationship


Ok, don’t get me wrong, these two knuckle heads beat the crap out of each other on a daily basis. They are two of the roughest, toughest, play-in-the-mud kinda boys. But. They are really starting to form a positive relationship too. They are learning to play together and really want to be together.

This hike


We went for a family hike and goodness was it pretty and just what our souls needed!

This treat


Then we drove to an A&W drive-in and devoured fried mushrooms and french fries, which also happened to be what our souls needed ;-).

This sweet little dreamer


I don’t co-sleep with my kids, but I do bring my babies in bed with me for the first, early morning breastfeeding sesh. Bea typically falls asleep just as it’s time for me to get up with the boys. She is so peaceful and sweet. I could just stare at her all day. Oh wait. I totally to that. 🙂

This brave little boy


Theo was so brave about his surgery. I admire him so much.

This care


When Theo’s nurse came to get him ready to go to surgery, Theo told her that Patches was getting his tonsils out too. Without batting and eye, she went over to the cupboard and prepared Patches a surgical mask as well. I can’t say enough good things about Akron Children’s Hospital. They are full of the most loving, kind, and friendly staff I’ve ever been around. We’ve gone there for all of Theo’s care and they are nothing short of an answer to every worried mommy and daddy’s prayers.

This generosity


I have this friend who just takes the best care of me and my family. She delivered homemade pizzas and rice crispy treats for dinner; she brought flowers; she made Theo a goody bag with presents and a balloon. Community matters, dear ones. Friends, matter.

This reminder


I shared this story on my Instagram the other day, but it was definitely a favorite moment of the week and is worth repeating: 

The kids and I were all grouchy one day this week. I desperately wanted to get us all out for a walk, but after waking up early to all three kids in my bed before 7, more dirty diapers than usual, countless tantrums and crying fits, and lots of fussing between all three of them, I almost scrapped the whole idea and instead opted for an early nap time.

But it’s far too easy to let bad mornings turn into bad afternoons, so I chose to put on my big girl pants and get us out of the house as planned. I knew we all needed to get out of the house. We needed to be outside and enjoy the gorgeous day. And I really wanted to treat the kids to a snack.  

I know some people might view this as being indulgent, but I don’t see it that way at all. I’m not trying to make their life magical. They are kids. They have this way of making any moment, any experience, any setting, into something magical. Instead, I’ve learned that I’ve been gifted this incredible period of time where I get to experience that same magic. I can catch a glimpse of their world of simple pleasures. I get to enjoy life, kid style. So, as part of my “yes year,” I’ve determined to say yes to enjoying things that are particular to this season of life. Things like getting out of the house on a gorgeous day for a walk and a treat.

We eventually made it out and to our destination. When we were settled under a gazebo with chips and cookies, an older woman came up and started talking to me. She wanted to know our names and the ages of the kids. She said what wonderful days these are, “to be young.” Then she looked at me and I thought she was about to say the typical “they grow up so fast” bit, but instead, she said “I still feel so young, even though I’m so old. Enjoy being young.” She grabbed my hand and when she pulled away, a $5 was in my palm. With a wink and a smile, she told me the next treat “was on her.”

That was it. That’s my magic for the day. To be reminded that no matter the stage, life is so full of things to be enjoyed. All we have to do, is say yes to it. It’s worth it.



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