Five Things

Phew. It’s been a long, exhausting week. Here are five good things:

1. Here in Ohio, it’s been in the 80’s this past week. FINALLY!!! So…happy.

2. Today is my husband’s last day of school.

3. I repotted some of my house plants yesterday because, glory be, they are actually growing and doing well. It was the lone moment when Theo was settled and Oliver and Bea were sleeping, so I took the opportunity to refresh my spirit with a little plant and sunshine therapy. 

4. A friend delivered a Starbuck’s gift card and you know I’m gonna be all up in it. Allll up in it!

5. We’ve had our share of struggles this week with Theo’s surgery and the ensuing difficulties of taking care of him and two other kiddos, but we’ve also been so loved and supported by family and friends who feel like family. It’s so encouraging to have people surround you with love and physical help in times like these. And I’m just so dang grateful for people who get me and know that my love language is food and coffee. The hard times really do accentuate the good. And for that, I’m grateful.

Happy, happy Friday, honey bunnies!

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