Thursday Things I Love: Baby Leggings, COFFEE, and Peonies

It’s been kind of a slow grind around here lately. Not a lot to report, and certainly nothing flashy or exciting to share. But there are always good things. Always. Here are a few things I’ve loved from the week:

these clothes


I had a gift card to a department store and used it to purchase Bea some clothes in the next size up. I couldn’t pass up the cheerful yellow leggings and the adorable floral hoodie to match. And that chambray tunic! Too. Cute. I love dressing this baby so stinkin much!

this lovely lady


She is just the loveliest. And I’m crazy about monogram dresses on baby girls. Crazy.

these flowers


The Wigela that lines our front side walk is so stunning! It’s one of my favorite flowers that we have planted. I can’t take credit for it, though. The previous owners planted it before we moved in. I’m so glad they did.

this reality


You guys…This past week has been brutal. Theo’s recovery from his surgery has been slow and painful for everyone involved. Bea is teething. Oliver had a stomach bug. None of us our sleeping. Most nights look like the one pictured above: Theo, miserable, on the couch and watching TV with a bowl of something cold; Bea, fussy and on my lap; Me, reading a book and drinking the last of my cold coffee.

I don’t know…it’s not great, for sure. But there is also a sort of glory about it all. About living your life, taking care of the people you love, and learning a bit about who you are in the process. It’s funny. I’ve discovered that, when life gets really hairy, there area a lot of things that get thrown by the wayside. The things that I don’t abandon? My kids, my books, and my coffee. Interesting. Very interesting.

this break


After yoga one morning this week, I stopped for a quick but refreshing bite at one of my favorite spots in Wooster – Tulipan- a Hungarian coffee shop. They make the most delicious and unusual omelets – they roll them! I ordered one slice of the Greek omlette, their sweet challah bread, and a French Press of coffee. All enjoyed outside on their patio, taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Wooster on a beautiful morning. Glorious! My go-to coffee gal pal joined me and we caught up between sips. Such a lovely start to my day. (Also, can I just say that I love how they serve you a serving of butter so large that, in photos, it looks like a scoop of ice cream? Lol. Love. It. Buuuutter)

these beauties 


I love peonies. I know, I know. Most people love peonies, so that isn’t really all that spectacular of a statement, but still. I just think they are the loveliest of all the flowers. I purchased a sad little peony plant on clearance last year towards the end of summer. I fancy myself a bit of an adoptive plant rescuer. I’ll take your saddest, driest, wilt-iest plants, stick them in the ground, say a Hail Mary, and hope for the best. Shockingly, the peony didn’t just survived, it came up with a vengeance this spring, and LOOK! BLOOMS!



Ok, so a little post script for you.

This week has been, well, kind of revealing. I’m learning a lot. This was a big week for learning new things about motherhood, about yoga, and about life in general. You can bet that these thoughts will be fodder for upcoming blog posts. So, stick around folks. We’re just getting started here. 

I’m not going to quote you Anaïs Nin or anything, but things are happing. Things…are blooming. 

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