5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts Your Husband Will Actually Love

If you are like me, then you have a hard time knowing what to buy your husband for Father’s Day. The thing about guys is that their hobbies are usually expensive. Woodworkers, hunters, fishers, and golfers all have one thing in common: their hobby requires pricey accessories.

Never fear, my loves, today I bring you a list of five of my favorite gift ideas for guys. This list comes just in time for Father’s Day, but the items would be great for the man in your life for any occasion (or season of life).

Without further ado, I give you the Five Gifts Your Husband Will Actually Love:

1. Hammock – A few years ago, I bought Mike a hammock for Father’s Day and it was a huge hit. He isn’t a big napper, but he loves relaxing in a hammock on a nice afternoon. This summer, it never fails that he won’t be out there for long before the boys run out to join him. I’ve loved seeing the three of them, lounging together under the trees, laughing and enjoying their time together. Hammocks come in a wide range of materials and therefore prices. You can find a hammock for almost any budget. Ours is made of a simple but lovely hand woven fabric.

This has been Mike’s favorite gift to date. He loves being out there with our kids. It’s “dad’s spot.”


2. A Professional Shave – Most men, whether they would admit it or not, are always up for some pampering. My husband has been using a safety razor and shaving soap for a little over a year now and has enjoyed this more traditional way of shaving. This year for Father’s Day, I’ve made him an appointment at Eddy’s Barbershop in Cleveland for a hair cut and old fashioned shave, complete with the steam towel treatment. I was told to expect the appointment to take a full hour. I know Mike will enjoy having someone else cut his hair for a change. And I KNOW he will enjoy the shave. He might sigh and roll his eyes when I ask if he’d join me in a mud mask, but deep down inside, I know he loves it. IMG_3711

3. Cigars – My husband is not a smoker, but he does enjoy the occasional cigar. Cigars are like wine – there are hundreds of varieties and they all taste different based on flavor profile, quality, and where you are at and what you are doing when you experience the cigar. Perfect for a summer evening around a campfire. (Bonus idea: Purchase a journal to go along with the cigar(s) if your husband is new to the experience. Have him write down the name of each cigar, where he was at when he smoked it, and his general thoughts on taste. Keeping a journal will help him build a profile to allow him to understand his preferences!)IMG_3565

4. A Men’s Valet – My husband makes a beautiful men’s valet called “The Governor.” The Governor helps men organize all their daily essentials such as wallet, watches, keys, etc, and includes a charging station for a phone. If the man in your life is like mine, then he can build houses, parallel park, and do those flying push up things like Christian Bale in Bat Man, but he can’t keep track of his dang phone. This valet keeps everything organized so you never have to help him hunt down his wallet, his phone, or his tie clip as you are supposed to be running out the door.

Mike started Basic Elements to provide people with unique, handmade items that reflect people’s originality. The Governor is a great way to showcase what sets your special guy apart from the rest. My husband likes to display his cologne, his various tie clips and cuff links, and a watch collection. Give The Governor to the special dad in your life and let him display the important details that he needs to keep within reach – the details, that set him apart.

You can find The Governor on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/people/basicelementsbymike)IMG_3817

5. A Handcrafted Wallet – I still remember the velcro wallet my dad used to have when I was a kid. He had that thing forever. Maybe the special dad in your life could use a wallet upgrade? If so, then you need to check out the beautiful leather goods created by part time leather worker and full time dad, Pete Guster, of Guster Leather. Guster makes stunning leather wallets that any dad would be proud to carry. (And, as a bonus, won’t embarrass your kids to be used in their presence. I’m not pointing any fingers, but velcro wallets have a very distinct sound when being opened.)IMG_3803

Guster, a catering chef for Metz and Associates at the J.M. Smucker Company, started creating leather goods almost two years ago when his son needed some leather arm braces for his knight Halloween costume.

I bought a bag of scraps and made him some passable guards and was left with the better part of the bag remaining. We made a pouch to go with his costume and then a few bracelets for myself and my wife, and with the remaining scraps I attempted to make a small credit card wallet. Although far from perfect, I again felt it achieved a passable grade. I was really enjoying working with the material and decided to get some more scraps for some more wallets, and the ball was rolling.

Guster makes a variety of  really cool leather goods. The designs are original, the craftsmanship is beautifully executed, and the details are carefully thought through. All of this done in between working at a full time job and raising a family.IMG_3801

 I take mostly small custom orders and fit them in between work, Cub Scout meetings, baseball games and the countless other responsibilities of a busy father and husband.

Guster loves making gifts for his friends and family, especially when he gets to see people’s reaction to the product.

I enjoy when someone keeps looking over and feeling an item I’ve made, really enjoying it as much or maybe even more than I did when I was making it. I like to help that person feel cool or confident by choosing to carry something I’ve created. I love to work with my hands and really enjoy when someone can relate to that.

Guster, a dad of two boys, finds his inspiration and support from his family.

 Without their encouragement and support, none of this would seem worth doing. I always seem to need a second opinion from at least one of them to feel confident that an item is complete and ready for delivery.

As for Guster’s favorite Father’s Day gifts? He says he loves anything his kids make.

Paintings they’ve made for me hang in multiple rooms in our home, mugs they’ve personalized for me with drawings and jokes, special meals they’ve made all mean a lot more than a new electronic gadget. I suppose we are a fairly creative family and my wife and I both encourage our kids to use their hands to utilize the plentiful resources they possess to give things  with maybe a little more personal meaning- until they have enough money to buy me a boat, that is!

You can find Guster’s handcrafted leather goods, including the 7-Pocket Bi-Fold and the Crazy Colored ‘Cool Guy’ Front Pocket Cash and Card Wallet in his Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/gusterleather), or contact him at GusterLeather@gmail.com for orders and ordering information.

Follow him on Instagram under the handle – gusterleather, to see all his latest designs.IMG_3805IMG_3796


One thought on “5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts Your Husband Will Actually Love

  1. Pete Guster’s leather work is extraordinarily crafted. I would recommend it to anyone into awesome leather goods. And an amazing, stand-up fella! Kudos to his product!

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