Friday Five

1. What are your thoughts on smoothies? Delicious or over-rated? I love a good smoothie, although I’m desperate for some new recipes. I made myself a blueberry smoothie and then threw up a blueberry smoothie every morning for my first trimester  with Beatrice.

I’m nothing if not persistent.

All that to say, I have no interest in drinking a blueberry smoothie. Like…ever. This Papaya Mint smoothie recipe sounds yummy, though, and I have the fresh mint growing on my patio! I might have to give it a try.

2. I saw this list of 8 Secluded Islands You Should Visit This Summer. How amazing would that be? Ahh the ocean. I hear it calling me! What are some of your favorite beaches?

3. This list suggested 3 paint colors to elevate your home. I love the gray, and oddly enough, I’m pretty intrigued by that deep green. I don’t know…I feel like it could work in the pre-war French apartment that I plan on owning one day. You know, with books and art causally strewn about and a little balcony that overlooks a fountain where I drink my coffee each morning. That house. That house would look cool with the deep green. My humble little brick ranch? Eh. Prolly not.

4. I’m crazy about this list of summer dresses.

5. Oh, Oliver. He comes in for the biggest, wettest, sloppiest, full body kisses. He throws his heart and soul into lovin on his people. I love how he is smothering Bea with love, and she is just chillin, with a big smile on her face.


Happy Friday, friends. I hope your weekend is fully of wet sloppy kisses from people who have better hygiene than my two year old ;-).

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