Thursday Things I Love: Farmers’ Markets, Summer Evenings, and New Recipes

It’s been a good week, you guys. Full of good people, music, and cute babies. Ok. ONE cute baby. But gosh. She is just the best. Take a look at what I love right now:

this little helper


In an effort to continue to foster independence and build healthy responsibilities into my kids’ day, I tend to say “yes” to all the little ways that Theo wants to “help” me out. Sure, it took me a few minutes longer to pump gas, but dangit, look how proud of himself he was helping me clean the van! And those socks, lol. Oh brother…

this photo


I know I’ve already shared this, but it just makes my heart so happy. So here it is again.

this summer tradition


Downtown Wooster, Ohio has an excellent farmers’ market. I’m sad that I don’t live on the square and get to take in the energy and excitment all day, every Saturday, anymore. But I do try to make it out each weekend. I took Theo with me last weekend and I enjoyed having him with me, even if he did keep whining and asking me, “but whyyyyy are we hereeeeee?”

this meal


Summer food. yum.

this evening


My lovely friend Laurie, whom I’ve known since college, came up to visit me this week. We went to a local winery where another one of my friends was performing and, along with the rest of the family, we had a wonderful al fresco meal while listening to some of the best music you can hear. It was a beautiful way to spend a gorgeous evening.

this morning


Mike unveiled a new breakfast creation on Sunday morning and I about died eating it because it was just so yummy. I’m trying to convince him to take his breakfast making talents on the road and open a food truck with me. What a fun way to see the world, right?

this new smoothie recipe


After last week’s Friday Five, my good friend Sheila sent me a new coffee smoothie recipe and shut up, is it good! Recipe here.

this installation


I asked Mike to make me diamond book shelves so I could create a bo-ho kind of display for my books, art, and photos. I knew I wanted diamond shaped shelves made of a blend of materials, including metal and pine boards, but he came up with the actual design and of course, built and installed them himself. He does beautiful work, doesn’t he?

this new ingredient


At the farmers’ market this week, my favorite vendor asked if I had ever tried scapes, which I hadn’t. She told me how I could prepare them, so I picked up a bag. I’m so glad I did!

New. Favorite. Ingredient.

I turned them into a delicious pesto that I’ve used in pasta, on crackers, and will freeze the rest to incorporate into future dishes. Cooking is so fun! (Major nerd moment, but I don’t care ;-).)

this simple summer dish


I used my scape pesto in my go-to summer veggie pasta dish: noodles of any kind, mixed with sautéed greens of any kind. The only vital ingredients are the pasta (alll the carbs please), lots of evoo, red pepper flakes, and a ton of garlic (or in this case, scapes). Delicious.

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