Fathers’ Day In Cleveland: A Haircut, A Shave, and Korean Food

We celebrated Fathers’ Day with a fun little excursion to Cleveland last Wednesday. I had scheduled Mike a haircut and an old fashioned hot shave at a modern barbershop, so we started the day there.

Eddy’s Barbershop is located in Coventry, a fun village in Cleveland full of interesting shops and restaurants. Mike and I want to go back sometime without the kids to just explore the shops and see what all there is to see.

The barbershop itself was small, with a very vintage barbershop feel. Lots of black and white tile, traditional barbershop chairs,  and guys who are clearly pros at what they do. It was a fun place. Mike’s barber, Chuck, did a great job on his cut and shave, and Mike said he enjoyed the experience. (Beatrice and I were the only ladies in the joint outside of the receptionist…so that was weird, but oh well.)IMG_4065IMG_4068

Afterwards, we hit….the post office! Can you believe it guys? We are so cool. So fun. So hip. We incorporate going to the post office in all our plans.

I’m totally kidding; About incorporating the post office into all out plans, that is. We totally had to drop off a package while we were out. Isn’t being an adult so fun!?


After the haircut and shave, and after tracking down a postoffice, we sought out a Korean restaurant. I looked up a few beforehand, and we basically just chose one that sounded good: Korea House.

Cleveland has it’s own China Town (Forget it Jake…) containing several hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurants.IMG_4084

Korea House was hole-in-the-wall dining at it’s finest. Because of Mike’s mid-day appointment, we ended up eating a late lunch, early dinner (linner?), at 4 PM. We had the place to ourselves. Which, ended up being kind of cool, because no sooner did we sit down then Mike noticed that the walls were covered with the autographs of professional athletes. I’m not talking about signed photos on the walls, I mean athletes came, took out a pen, and signed the wall directly. It was one of those quirky, fun things that you never expect to find, but love when you do.IMG_4091IMG_4094IMG_4095

So. Korean food. It’s basically the best thing ever. I can’t even describe it well enough to do it justice, so do yourself a favor and just give it a try sometime. IMG_4096IMG_4097

A few photos in front of that brick wall (because: blogger life), and we were back on our way.IMG_4086IMG_4090

It was another great trip to Cleveland, to celebrate a really great dad. The best, in my opinion.

How about you? How did you all celebrate the special dads in your life? I’d love to hear your fun Fathers’ Day stories :-).

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