My Beauty Uniform: Sarah Hider

I met Sarah Hider, Miss Ohio 2015, at a fashion show I recently attended. Sarah has a bubbly and friendly personality and instantly makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. She is well spoken with enviable public speaking skills and knows how to handle herself in front of a crowd. Oh, and did I mention she is gorgeous? So. Pretty. The night I met her, she was wearing this hot pink coat that I’m still thinking about. Love.IMG_2765IMG_2827

I asked Sarah to be a guest contributor and she graciously obliged. Today, she is sharing her take on all things beauty and fashion – enjoy!Image 2

Describe your beauty routine, morning and night

My beauty routine is far from routine as my schedule is so different every day! But there are a few things I do no matter what. I NEVER go to bed with makeup on. Period. But I’m usually exhausted, so I make sure to keep Neutrogena makeup wipes by bed. I moisturize as many times as I can throughout the day with Clinique Dramatically Different as well as their eye cream that helps de-puff. I also believe in beauty from the inside out, so I drink lots of water!

My makeup routine is pretty basic compared to most pageant girls. I always start with my eyes, so that I can wipe off the excess shadow before applying concealer. Fake eyelashes bother my eyes, but ‘They’re Real’ mascara does the trick! I use urban decay ‘sin’ all over my lid and then ‘buck’ on the crease. I use liner (whatever I happen to have at the time) and VERY lightly line my lower rim. I love the anastasia brow pencil! Then I use Nars concealer and with damp paint brush. I swear by Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation. I use tart blush and finish off with Makeup Forever HD translucent setting power (another swear by product). I also love bold lips. Changes daily, but always cool tones!

If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would you choose, and why?

I’m obsessed with St. Tropez Gradual Self-Tanner. I always think I look better with a tan, but I try to stay away from tanning beds. This self-tanner evens out any blemishes as well, and makes my skin so radiant!

Who is your beauty inspiration?

I have so many, but it’s funny… they all have one thing in common— they’re blonde! I’ve been obsessed with ‘blonde’ since I was a baby. My numero uno is definitely Taylor Swift! Not only do I love her style, but I love the attitude she brings with it. She dresses for herself and no one else. She doesn’t wear something because it’ll bring her sexual or male attention. She just says, ‘that’s cool. I want to wear that’… or at least that’s what I imagine! I’ve also always loved Kate Hudson. Her red carpet looks are always flawless and she has a very easy sort of beauty style. I also look to Gigi Hadid, Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson and Bar Rafaeli.

 What is one physical feature that you love best about yourself, and why?

My dress designer Paula Morgenstern of Mansfield would tell you that this is an easy one. Every dress she designs for me shows off my shoulders. I like wearing things that visually draw your attention upward, and my shoulders happen to be upward! I also love mixing feminine with athletic. I think that sort of style expresses my personality. So I love a ball gown with a razor back cut to show off my strong shoulders! (Thanks to my personal trainer Andrew Durniat!!!)

 What is one non-physical attribute that you love best about yourself, and why?

My mom has always said that it’s better to laugh than to cry. So from a young age, when I’ve made a mistake, I am able to laugh at myself. I’ve always loved that about myself, but being Miss Ohio has tested that aspect of my personality. A lot of people expect me to be perfect. But I would say more people compliment me on the fact that I’m personable and down to earth, and laughing at myself, not taking myself too seriously is a huge part of that.

Describe your personal style.

The saying, ‘the only thing constant is change’ applies to both my life and my wardrobe! My style changes depending on what side of the bed I wake up on that morning. One day I’ll be wearing a Chanel inspired suit at the Statehouse and the next I’m wearing a tie-dye dress and cowboy boots to a Dixie Chicks concert. One thing that is constant is that I LOVE dresses! When you’re on the go like me, a one-and-done deal makes life easier! 

Who (or what) has influenced your style the most?

My mom is not really into fashion, but she’s always encouraged me to wear whatever I want, even when I was going through my punk rock phase in middle school.

 What is one fashion trend you love? You hate?

My favorite trend is athliesure! And it’s not just because it gives me an excuse to wear my workout pants to the grocery store. On my days off, I love wearing my bright blue and orange tennis shoes with workout leggings, with a striped or graphic tee and a denim jacket.

Something I am just not into is the ‘puffs’ on purses. My best friend Lizzi got one for Christmas and couldn’t believe I wasn’t on board for this trend. As much as I love the 90s and the Spice Girls, the puff thing is just weird to me.

 What is a go-to piece in your closet that you love?

My bright pink Kate Spade coat is a staple. Because it is so bold and beautiful, it’s almost a piece of art, and goes with pretty much anything. It is professional yet fun at the same time, and always a conversation starter.

 Have you felt the pressure to always appear “put together” since becoming Miss Ohio?

Any Miss Ohio who tells you otherwise is lying! I’ve always loved fashion and expressing myself through clothes and hair and beauty, but being Miss Ohio is on a whole different level. I tell my friends it’s like living prom week every week of the year. The hair, the nails, the tan, the dress all have to be perfect every day!

You’re not only representing yourself, but an entire organization. So sometimes I think to myself, ‘would Miss Ohio wear this?’ But what I try to keep in mind is that the judges gave me the crown to do with as I please, and if that means pushing the envelope with ripped jeans because it’s trendy, I’ll probably do it.

 What has surprised you the most about your Miss Ohio journey?

I’ve been most surprised by all the friends I’ve made. I knew I would meet a lot of people obviously. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised but how many people I’ve met and actually stayed in contact with. People care about me beyond the fact that I’m Miss Ohio and it’s very special.

 You said you started dreaming of becoming Miss Ohio when you were eight years old. What did you envision yourself wearing back then? 

That’s an interesting thought! Actually, the evening gown I won in is pretty classic for the most part, so it’s probably not far off from what I imagined even when I was young!

 What is one piece of style/beauty advise that you always apply to yourself before walking out the door?

Something I’ve been really focussing on lately is my posture. I spend a great deal of time sitting in the car and I could tell in my pictures that I didn’t look my best because my posture was lacking. When you have good posture, and keep your head up, your clothes look better, your smile looks better and you look more confident!

 What’s one fashion choice, over the years, that you wish you could take back?

Ugh, in middle school and high school, flat leather/suede clog shoes were very in style. We all loved them, but looking back… they literally look like horse hooves. Not cute.

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