Thursday Things I Love: Babies On A Boat, Summer Eats, And A Toad Named Judy

Hey friends.

How is your summer going? I have to tell you, I’ve just been eating it up. Mike has been working from home. The boys have been playing outside every day. And I’ve been enjoying as much yoga/time in the sun/summer veggies/garden goodness as I can.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately:

this little hugger


Every time Bea cries, Oliver runs over with an “I’ve got her!” and pulls her in for a hug and a, “Shuuuush. I’ve got you Bea.” Every. Time

And I’m just all like, “Melllting. I’m melting!”

these less-than-gentle-moments


Theo tackles Oliver. Oliver farts on Theo. Both boys laugh hysterically. Bea and I just look at them with confusion. Boys. Amiright?

these continued surprises


I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago how I never got to meet Jim and Vivienne, the previous (and original) owners of our home. But, every spring, as new flowers pop up around our property that Vivienne must have planted years ago, I feel like I get to know her a little bit more. It’s almost like her little way of saying “hi.”

This summer, Theo has discovered over five black raspberry bushes around our property that we never knew existed, and the boys love checking them daily. They pick berries, some ending up in a basket while others end up eaten right on the spot, and I smile to myself and thank Viv for this sweet little gift.

this sweet sister


I love this photo of Beatrice and my sister-in-law, Rhiannon.

this boating beauty


Bea took her first boat trip! How cute is she in a life jacket, lol?!

this boating adventure


I went boating with my cousin and his family last weekend. It was a glorious day to be out on the lake. It was also Bea’s first time on a boat, and I was a little nervous – you never know how kids will react to new experiences! But true to her personality, she took everything in stride, was easy to please, and enjoyed an hour nap as we cruised around the lake. It was blissful.

these three babies



I guess I don’t have much to say. What can be said? I just love them so much. They are such a gift.

this yoga studio


I love doing yoga out on our patio. I love doing yoga with my kids.

this garden


Guys, I’m not a great gardener. I mean, weeds. It’s so hard to have little ones and also maintain a garden! This year, I’m doing a respectable job of keeping the weeds down, and look! Stuff is actually growing!

this summer meal


I find it so much easier, tastier, and more inspiring to cook in the summer. One dish that I love to serve is a simple quiche, full of garden fresh veggies. That avocado bruchetta is another one of my summer favorites.

this new dessert


I’ve been serving a new, easy and healthful dessert this summer. You simply toss your choice of fresh berries, nuts, seeds, coconut, and honey together. It’s delicious and so refreshing!

this special surprise


Our good friends, the Palizays, moved away last summer. It’s so sad to say goodbye to people you love! But my sweet Jordan and I have continued to keep up through texting, face time, phone calls, and care packages. She sent me this love mail the other day and it just speaks to who she is. She pays attention. She makes her love of others about them, not herself. She is such a gift! I’m so grateful to the people I have in my life- people like Jordan and so many others – who make me a better person.

this new…um….pet


Can you spot him? (her?)

Theo caught a toad. He named her Judy. I now know 537 random toad facts thanks to Google and a five year old who wants to know the best way to take care of Judy.

(Judy, you guys. Judy. I’m dying.)

For example. Did you know American Toads only eat things that are alive and moving? Did you know that your pet toad’s water dish should be two toads wide and four toads long?

Oh Judy.

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