Places We Love: Akron Rubber Ducks Baseball Games

For the most part, we aren’t “big crowd” kind of people, especially when it comes to our kids. My own idiosyncrasies aside, my boys are like energy sponges – the more energy in a place, the more they start to get amped up and out of control. Before you know it, Theo is off pretending he is a puppy and the only way I can locate him is by his barking, while Oliver is running laps around the place with a crazed and manic look in his eyes.

Like I said, we are not “big crowd” kind of people.

But, we make an exception for the Akron Ducks! The Akron Rubber Ducks, our Double A minor league baseball team, plays in Canal Park in downtown Akron, Ohio. The stadium is easy to access, and Akron has done a good job of providing plenty of free parking in their parking garages which is just a short walk to the ball park (you will pay for the parking that is closest to the park).

We arrived in town a little late the night of our game, so we had to park in a garage several blocks away. Never the less, the parking was still free and the walk wasn’t bad and access to the stadium was just as straight forward. Easy peasy.

There are so many reasons to love going to Akron Rubber Ducks games. The tickets are inexpensive. The food at the concession stand is much more reasonable than at major league games. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help you and your family get settled or find what you need. The entertainment is very family friendly. And the crowd is always packed with families and kids. You don’t have to worry about your kids feeling unwelcome at Canal Park, everything about the stadium says you, and your kids, are welcome.

I would also like to point out that this type of crowd really goes a long way in keeping the environment PG, something that this momma really appreciates. It’s still a public stadium with drinking and major sports fans in the stands, a combination which can lead to some less than family-friendly behavior, but the amount of families in the crowd helps to keep things at a level where you can relax and enjoy a baseball game without your kid learning how to harass an ump ;-).


A great night for a walk to the stadium!


Great seats, right behind home plate.


When you go to Canal Park with your family, make sure to stop by Guest Services to get your kids their very own “My 1st Game” certificate and pin, complete with their names and the date of the game. Then, take in right next door to be autographed by the team’s mascots!


Canal Park offers a kid zone that allows your kids to get the wiggles out mid-game. Theo was so excited when we told him he was allowed to ride the slide, something that he desperately wanted to try last time we were there (but he was too little). Activities are just a $1 each, and a great way to break up the game for those with short attention spans.

Also, they have cardboard cut-outs for funny photo ops. Which of course we spent about 10 minutes enjoying.



Attending an Akron Rubber Ducks game is so much fun. I loved getting out with my family and having fun at a baseball game and seeing how each member of my family enjoyed it at their own level: Mike enjoyed watching the game; Theo loved the slide, the popcorn, and his “1st Game” pin; Oliver loved taking in the game and eating snacks; Bea was content to just be out and about (my social butterfly already); and I loved doing something that is the ultimate summer, all-American family activity. I loved hearing Theo sing “Take me out to the ballgame” and yell “hey batter, batter.” I loved seeing Oliver take in his surroundings and discover baseball for the first time.

I loved being there, together, as a family.

Rubber Ducks games, as I’ve mentioned, aren’t expensive, so we also appreciate how we can go into the evening knowing that we will be fine with leaving whenever our kids have reached their limit. We never feel pressured to stay all nine innings to “get our money’s worth.” We just go, enjoy the experience for what it is, and leave it at that.

Canal Park hosts all kinds of fun, non-baseball events, too. We’ve never been able to attend anything but games, but they have some great events on their schedule that I’d like to check out some time, especially the movie nights! You can view that schedule, here.


Thank you to the Akron Rubber Ducks for providing my family with such awesome tickets. We had a wonderful time!


Directions to Canal Park, here.
Akron Rubber Duck ticket information, here.
Game schedule, here.


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