Thursday Things I Love: Vintage Clothes, Handmade Gifts, and New Coffee Shops

It’s been a good week around here. The weather is gloriously hot, Mike and I have been busy working on fun projects, and we’ve settled into a good little groove after being away for the weekend. The kids are completely out of control but hey, I got both my bathrooms cleaned this week so I’ll call that a victory. (You take what you can get, right mommas?) Here are some things I’ve loved this week:

this sweet little lady


I know, I know. Each week it’s a different photo, same story. I can’t help myself! Oh Beatrice Willow. Will you ever know just how much joy you’ve brought into our lives?

this fun and easy homemade gift


A simple and unexpected gift idea for summer birthdays or hostess gifts is to prepare strawberry ice cream topping, pour it into a pretty glass container, and presto! You’ve got yourself a sweet little present!

this thrifting haul


Beatrice and I got out of the house for a little mommy-daughter thrifting the other day. I’ve been a huge fan of thrifting ever since I was little. My paternal grandfather introduced me to it and it felt like one big treasure hunt. I was hooked. My late maternal grandmother was also a big thrift-er and we often bonded over comparing our latest goodies.

Many of the items in our home have been thrifted. Vintage items are not only unique and interesting to look at, they are typically better made than modern items, and much more affordable!

this vintage dress


Without a doubt, this is one of the best thrifting finds, ever. I love this vintage shift dress so much! It’s such a pretty pink and made of a light cotton fabric, great for hot summer days. You can be sure I’ll be wearing this bad boy on repeat all summer long!

this sleepy honey


That foot! She is such a wild sleeper, just like her momma!

this fun new diy


I’ve been experimenting with making my own perfume. It’s really simple to make, and I’ve enjoyed playing around with essential oil combinations. I’ve even made a few for gifts. To make, you just mix equal part jojoba or almond oil with melted beeswax beads, stir in your essential oils, pour into a container, and allow to cool. So far, my favorite combination has been sage, sweet orange, and jasmine. So feminine and soft smelling!

this new coffee shop


A new coffee shop opened up in town, and I got the chance to check it out this week. The place was beautifully done, my latte tasted amazing, and those mugs! So pretty. I’ll definitely be a regular around here ;-). Yay for coffee!

5 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: Vintage Clothes, Handmade Gifts, and New Coffee Shops

    1. They are sheets! I couldn’t believe it — I found two complete twin sets, practically brand new! That never happens. I’ll use them on our day bed for now, but I know Bea will like having them when she is ready for a twin bed. And she melts my heart every day with that smile of hers ;-).

  1. Love the phrase”gloriously hot!”

    Young mothers like you make me wish for a do-over.

    Where is the new coffee shop?

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for reading.

      I’m sure time and perspective will make me feel the same.

      The new coffee shop is in the same building at Oak Grove Eatery, downtown on Market Street. In fact, Sure House, is owned by the same people as OG, so their coffee continues to be delicious. It is a beautiful spot, perfect for a cup of coffee with a friend (or a book) :-).

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