My Current Style & Packing Light

For over two years now, I’ve been working through this whole capsule clothing and minimalistic wardrobe concept. The project has been on hold the past year, however, because it was just too difficult to wrap my mind around while pregnant and newly postpartum. But now, at seven moths postpartum, I’m ready to be back at it.

Recently, we went away for the weekend to New York and I gave myself the challenge of packing minimally, something that I’m not great at, especially when the trip is less than a week. It feels so hard to limit yourself to just what you need for those few days when, how can you be sure?! What if it rains? What if it gets cold?! What if you are unexpectedly invited to a fancy dinner!? (This has never happened, but still.)

Before I left, I read this blog post about packing light and was inspired to give it a try. It made sense to pack items that can be used for multiple actives, and I took her advice to only pack one bulky item (I chose a sweater). I wore the accessories that I wanted for the weekend while traveling, which not only helped me keep my accessories to a minimum, it was also one less thing to pack. I still took two books for a three day trip because, #booknerd. I wore one pair of shoes that went with all the outfits I packed, and only needed to additionally pack a pair of tennis shoes for hiking. 

I had never thought about packing according to a color scheme until I had read that tip in Cloistered Away’s post, but it makes so much sense! That way, all your items are interchangeable, thus giving you more outfit options than you have actual pieces of clothing. This tip also allowed me to only need the one pair of shoes. (As opposed to the six or seven that I’ve taken on vacation in the past. Oh well. Live and learn.)

Here was my wardrobe for the weekend:


Lately, I’ve really embraced the small scarf trend, as inspired by Madewell. However, I don’t need to splurge on a pricy scarf, as I have tons passed down to me from my late Aunt. They are authentic vintage and absolutely beautiful, and really add a touch of casual elegance that I’m totally digging these days.

Much of my current style has been influenced by this blog and by Apples and  Forts Vintage. (An amazing little Instagram shop that I’ll be blogging about tomorrow, so stay tuned!)

Take a look at a few of my current favorite outfits:


dress: H&M from Apples and Forts Vintage // shoes: Born // scarf: vintage hand-me-down // cardigan: old standard from my closet


puppy tank top: Threads Boutique, P. Graham Dunn // jeans: thrifted Gap


dress: Maurices (The first thing I bought post-Theo five years ago, and remains a favorite.) // purse: Threads Boutique


dress: thrifted vintage // espadrilles: Born


skirt: vintage, Apple and Forts Vintage // linen button down: vintage, Apple and Forts Vintage


H&M dress paired with linen button down



dress: vintage, thrifted


tank: H&M // jeans: thrifted Gap


shirt: Children’s Place // hat: thrifted // little boy: custom made by his momma (wink)

Be sure to check back in tomorrow, to hear the amazing behind-the-shop story of Apples and Forts Vintage, who provided several of the above outfits. You will love hearing about the shop and the amazing person who runs it!


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