Thursday Things I Love: My Sister-In-Law, Garden Goodness, and New Friends

It’s Thursday. Someone high five me.

This week was, well, it was a lot of things. I was talking to someone the other night about the incredibly stupid naive belief I held as a newlywed that, if I just thought long and hard, I could make really good decisions that led to a relatively problem free life. Ahahahaha. Don’t you want to just sit that girl down, put your arm around her and be like, “Oh honey. Oh….HONEY.”

There is no path free from struggle, heartache, and pain, and we all need to remember from time to time that just because things are hard, it doesn’t mean we’ve messed up or made the wrong choice. Sometimes, things are just tough. Like this week!

But of course, there are always, always highlights, and sometimes, the dark days make the bright moments shine even brighter.

Take a look at a few things I loved this week:

this girl time


I really lucked out in the whole sister-in-law department. I love Rhiannon so much, and was grateful to get some time alone with her (and Beatrice) over a cup of coffee.

this goofball


We have fun together. He drives me crazy, and I’ll most definitely be sending him my therapy bills someday, but goodness, we really do have fun together.

this family photo (maybe our only?)


Timer camera for the win. I love this photo in all it’s imperfect, perfectness.

this garden bounty


I’m so excited and proud of this year’s garden. The swiss chard and green pepper pictured here were delicious and my crowning glory. And I’ve been putting fresh parsley on eeeeerything.

this little produce stand


We have a really great produce stand just up the road from us. This week, I had fun stopping in with Theo and introducing him to a few new things.

this summer break


Ok. I’ve made my decision. It’s official. Baby Bea in a bikini is my all time favorite kind of baby. So. CUTE.

So we don’t have air conditioning, which I actually kind of love. But this week was like 200 degrees with 2,000% humidity (accurate numbers, there), and that was only making my kids more cranky. Something had to be done. So my mom’s neighbor took pity on us and let us come over for a dip in her pool. BLESS HER.

It was fun and refreshing and I got to put Bea in her bikini and it was basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

this morning wake up call


Each morning, Mike brings Bea to me to nurse. Shortly after, Oliver joins us in bed. Theo soon follows. It’s a lot of togetherness. But it’s also kind of sweet. Mostly…

this caretaker


Theo genuinely helps me with Bea. I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops over the years. I’m sure she will get annoyed from time to time with his mother hen tendencies, but good grief that girl is going to be well cared for.

this new friend


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

If you haven’t had a chance, read the interview I did with my new friend and owner of Apples and Forts Vintage, Majda, then head over there now and check it out! So good :-).

this photo


This photo, because it’s been a tough week for me, and this is my new favorite photo of me and my hubby, taken in the middle of a really, really good night together.

this real life


Sometimes it can be hard to talk about our tough days as a mother and a wife. There is this feeling that because we asked for it, that we have to appreciate and love the heck out of every single moment, and when we don’t we are ungrateful and complainers.

Well, that’s just not real, and that’s not fair. Even the good stuff has hard things tangled up in it. Like this week. Bea hasn’t felt well and has been fussy, needy, and nursed constantly which is just exhausting. Theo and Oliver are into everything, constantly fighting, and just getting into some major trouble. And I’m feeling overwhelmed with the fact that we are five people living in two bedrooms and we are on top of each other and together SO DANG MUCH. AND WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST STOP TOUCHING ME????

Stuff like that.

I don’t really have solutions. All I can say is that this is real life. It’s my real life, and it’s probably yours, too. Don’t feel like you have to enjoy every dang second; I sure don’t. But I DO know what I’ve got, and it’s a lot.

I’m grateful, for a lot.

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