Thursday Things I Love: New Hats, A Growing Girl, & Imperfect Picnics

this upcoming interview


I had a chance to sit down with the owners of my new favorite coffee shop in town, and let me tell you, it was so much fun! I fell in love with their story and I can’t wait to share it with you next week.

this little workout bug buddy


I try to workout. I really do. And then this happens. Why did Theo feel the need to document it, you might be thinking. I wondered the same thing. Did they plan this????

this little stud muffin


Oliver needed a hat because his big brother has one and he desperately wanted one of his own. Did you know H&M has really cool hats for kids? I ordered one for Oliver and he was so excited to wear it. He hasn’t taken it off since.

this busy entrepreneur 


Mike had nine custom orders to make and ship this week, a farmer’s market to attend, and a pop-up shop to prepare for on Saturday. He is pouring his heart and soul into his new business, and I’m so proud of him. We are on a new path now, but one that I’m so excited to be traveling with this guy!

these proper little snackers


The boys requested tea for their afternoon snack the other day, and it just made me chuckle inside. They are funny.

this special lunch date


My brother and I had so much fun taking my grandfather out to lunch this week. You can read all about that, here.

this growing girl


Beatrice is *sniff, sniff* eight months old today! I just can’t even believe it. My sweet baby girl! She is growing so much, and at eight months she weighs 14 lbs which makes her our biggest baby! LOL, we grow em small around here ;-).

this mug


I found this mug in a shop when we were in Nashville recently and I just loved it. Nashville, you get me.

this unexpected gift


The boys each received a card in the mail from my Grandmother the week following her death. She literally had to mail these the day before she passed. I haven’t had the heart to open them until now. As expected, she sent them a little spending money, told them she loved them, and said to “go get some ice cream.” I read her cards to the boys, told them how much she had loved them, and promptly planned an ice cream date!

this summer picnic


This sheet belonged to my mom and I remember using it a lot for picnics as a kid. The other night, I just really needed a break from cooking and cleaning up so we packed up the official picnic blanket, ran to our favorite fast food places, and settled in at a park.

I follow a blogger who once posted a photo of her and her son eating McDonalds, picnic style at a park, and mentioned that she was thrilled to get some one-on-one time with him. I was shocked to read comment after comment where readers expressed their “disappointed” that she would feed her son fast food.


Listen people. There are plenty of things to be disappointed over in this life: the outrageous amount you pay to Verizon each month; the surprisingly small amount of potato chips that actually come in a bag; the realization that your son will not be potty trained in “three days” like the website guaranteed. A mom who chooses to feed her kids something easy so they can all enjoy some relaxed time together should most definitely not be on the list of “things that disappoint you.”

Even if you wouldn’t do it, good grief, get over it.

Every mom, every family, since the beginning of time, has done something differently than the next. That is because we are all individuals, just trying to do our best.

Last night, my best included peeling off my sweaty running clothes, throwing on a summer dress, packing up the picnic blanket, and ordering my kids crappy hamburgers and fries so that we could enjoy some down time at a park together. We didn’t have any distractions. We didn’t have any responsibilities. After dinner, I gave the boys a mission to see who could find and bring back to me the best treasures. Theo and Oliver brought me sticks, pretty leaves, rocks, and a bright purple piece of a balloon. It reminded me of the original Winnie The Pooh movie, where Piglet is rushing to bring Eeyore a big red balloon for his birthday, but trips and falls and pops the balloon, and has to break the news to an already gloomy Eeyore:

“Thank you, Piglet,” said Eeyore. “You don’t mind my asking,” he went on, “but what colour was this balloon when it–when it was a balloon?”


“I just wondered. … Red,” he murmured to himself. “My favourite colour. … How big was it?”

“About as big as me.”

“I just wondered. … About as big as Piglet,” he said to himself sadly. “My favourite size. Well, well.”

Piglet felt very miserable, and didn’t know what to say. He was still opening his mouth to begin something, and then deciding that it wasn’t any good saying that, when he heard a shout from the other side of the river, and there was Pooh.

“Many happy returns of the day,” called out Pooh, forgetting that he had said it already.

“Thank you, Pooh, I’m having them,” said Eeyore gloomily.

“I’ve brought you a little present,” said Pooh excitedly.

“I’ve had it,” said Eeyore.

Pooh had now splashed across the stream to Eeyore, and Piglet was sitting a little way off, his head in his paws, snuffling to himself.

“It’s a Useful Pot,” said Pooh. “Here it is. And it’s got ‘A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh’ written on it. That’s what all that writing is. And it’s for putting things in. There!”

When Eeyore saw the pot, he became quite excited.

“Why!” he said. “I believe my Balloon will just go into that Pot!”

“Oh, no, Eeyore,” said Pooh. “Balloons are much too big to go into Pots. What you do with a balloon is, you hold the balloon “

“Not mine,” said Eeyore proudly. “Look, Piglet!” And as Piglet looked sorrowfully round, Eeyore picked the balloon up with his teeth, and placed it carefully in the pot; picked it out and put it on the ground; and then picked it up again and put it carefully back.

“So it does!” said Pooh. “It goes in!”

“So it does!” said Piglet. “And it comes out!”

“Doesn’t it?” said Eeyore. “It goes in and out like anything.”

“I’m very glad,” said Pooh happily, “that I thought of giving you a Useful Pot to put things in.”

“I’m very glad,” said Piglet happily, “that thought of giving you something to put in a Useful Pot.”

But Eeyore wasn’t listening. He was taking the balloon out, and putting it back again, as happy as could be….

Even the broken things have value, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, to be powerful. 

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: New Hats, A Growing Girl, & Imperfect Picnics

  1. That’s a good round of happy things. To those who don’t eat out, so be it. They just need to remind us that it’s “bad”. Like that 1/2 full bag of chips, most things are okay in moderation. Love that Pooh story, too!

    1. I love how you summed that all up!
      And isn’t that Pooh story great? I watched that movie as a kid and have carried that story with me through adulthood. Not bc I’m a big “Pooh” fan, but because some truths just stick with us, even if we don’t understand them at the time.

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