Five Things

1.Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m allll aboard the high waisted jean trend. I can’t help it. I love my low-rise skinnies, but three babies later and I’m just like FOR THE LOVE, will you please just stay up already? I’m in the market for a new pair – one that I can wear on repeat and pair with a variety of styles of tops and shoes (livin that capsule wardrobe life). I’m looking at these jeans and these jeansDon’t let the name fool you, they are so cute! What do you think? 

2. Does anyone know much about the new “virtual doctors” that allow you to be seen and assessed by a licensed physician, over your phone/computer??? I’ve been hearing about it for a few months now and I’m super curious about this. Has anyone tried any of the apps or websites? Please share!

3. I’m obsessed the the vintage vibes of woven wall hangings. I’ve tried to find one while I’m out thrifting but to no avail. I saw this tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess to make one myself, buuuut, I’m not sure I’m up for it.

4. I love muffins! I love to bake them. I love to eat them. I tend to bake quite a bit less in the summer, though, because we don’t have air conditioning AND we have a gas oven which is a crazy hot combination. But I’ve got a craving for some yummy muffins. I prefer ones that are healthful, dense, and full of whole grains and fruit. I found this recipe and plan to give it a try, although I think I’ll make them with mixed dried berries instead of raisins.

5. I have a handful of new movies that I’ve seen previews for that look pretty appealing. Who has a new movie recommendation for me? My husband hates going to the movie theatre, so I seriously think the last movie I saw in the theatre was the first Twilight (don’t judge). I think it might be time to schedule a date with a friend to go see something current. Let me know if you’ve seen anything good lately!


Happy Friday, tulips!


4 thoughts on “Five Things

    1. We don’t really go to the doctor that often either, but if we could REALLY not go to the doctor, that’d be great. Plus, my kids tend to come down with something at 5:15 on a Friday, so….Is Teledoc and app or a website (or both?).

  1. Check out carissagraceart etsy shop – she is local and had several woven art pieces last time I checked.

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