Thursday Things I Love: New Hats, Summer Eats, and Theo’s First Slumber Party

Whew! We’ve been busy around here soaking up summer as much as we can. I try to not think about how fleeting these warm days are in Ohio. Must. Not. Think. About. Winter.

We’ve played hard, worked hard, and eaten a ton of great garden fresh food. Take a look!


this thought


This quote really speaks to my heart right now. It’s not about the stuff. It’s not about the career. The good things of life really are the simple ones.

this food


I feel so much more inspired to cook in the summer. I love all the fresh produce, and there is no better motivation to get creative in the kitchen than walking out to my garden, or returning home from a local farmer’s stand, with an armful of fresh produce and having a blast turning it into something fresh and delicious.

In the top photo, I partially cooked a big pile of green beans and then refrigerated them. The rest of the week I’d pull them out and either saute them in butter, lemon juice, and almonds, or throw them in a cold salad. Sooo tasty and easy! The pasta dish contains fresh swiss chard and parsley from my garden. So YUM. I made wonderful blueberry pie from the berries I picked with the boys last week. And I used my friend’s homegrown basil and tomatoes to make my summer favorite – a caprese salad!

(I use this recipe for my pie crusts. Every time. Always with butter. And it’s always, always good!)

these little kitchen helpers


The boys and I made zucchini bread this week. I’ve said it before, but I love having them in the kitchen with me. I was covered in flour before we were done, and Oliver most definitely sneezed in the bowl, but I wouldn’t exclude them for anything. It is a pure joy to teach them how to cook, and it fills my heart with so much pride knowing that they enjoy being in the kitchen with me.

this score


I scored this huge container of coconut oil for $12. That is gonna make me a lot of deodorant.

this pool date


Theo made a new friend at preschool this year, and recently, this friend moved to town and lives just one street over! Talk about a blessing. We met up with his family to go swimming this week and had so much fun. I really enjoy the little boy’s mom, and she has three boys of her own. We had five little boys between us (I left Bea with Mike), which made for a fun, water soaked day in the sun!

this little cookie monster



this little boy


I got a moment just with Oliver the other day. Boy, was that nice. In so many ways, he is still my baby.

these little sweeties


Beatrice loves her big brothers, and turns to see them when they enter a room, or reaches for them when they are near. The boys might beat the crap out of each other, but they treat their sister like a princess.

this photo


Theo had his camera the other day and he said, “Here mom, hold this stick and let me take your photo.” LOL I don’t know why, this just really cracks me up.

these hats


I know I mentioned this last week, but here is a better photo of the hats I got for me and Oliver. Mike and Theo always wear baseball caps and we wanted in on the action! H&M for the win.

these little girl clothes


We don’t have many clothes for Bea past 9 months, so I’ve been slowly picking up things here and there when I see pieces for a good price. I loved this sweet little cardigan and heart print pants!

this fun excursion



One day last week, Mike had the van and we were completely out of groceries, so the kids and I walked up to our local Subway for lunch. We also don’t have air, which is fine by me, but kinda makes the kids wilt a little on really hot days, so we went to the creek afterwards and enjoyed some time in the shade. I love these simple moments with my kids!

this new habit


A few of my friends told me that they wash and cut up their fruit and veggies immediately upon returning home from grocery shopping. I gave it a whirl this week and I’m hooked! And, since it was lunchtime, I just made a quick hummus and cooked some ears of corn to go with some of the fresh fruit and veggies and lunch was ready! I found that we ate our produce much quicker this week because it was ready to go, which meant less waste. Love it!

this creative parenting move


Theo has had a pretty bad attitude lately. Mike and I have been scratching our heads about how to inspire good behavior in him and ultimately have concluded that the more he misbehaves, the more responsibilities he will be given. The other day, Mike came up with the brilliant idea to make it Theo’s job to change Bea’s diaper. It felt like such poetic justice to reward his turdish behavior with, well, you know (wink).

Theo is such a great kid. He surprised us all and had his first away from home sleep over this week. I was totally unprepared for this major milestone. And honestly, it came at the perfect time. After a couple weeks of feeling like things are just the worst in the motherhood department, it was a glimpse into who my boy really is.

I keep telling him: “You are adventurous. You are creative. You are thoughtful. You are compassionate. You are fun. You are kind.”

And for the past few weeks, he would turn around and do the very opposite of those things.


But all is not lost. I see the real Theo underneath and he shines through from time to time. Like the other day, when he kissed me goodbye and went back to playing with his friends without a second thought, and totally crushed his first sleep over out of the park.


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